Friday, May 4, 2007

Racism & stereotype

Racism is a huge issue; I am not making light of it. Sometimes people used racism as an excuse. If they do not get a good grade, it is because the proff. is a racist bastard, he is Jewish for sure and hates Arabs! If someone does not get a job, or is not given enough responsibilities at work it is because dol 3noseryeen awi! He does not look around to see that his manager is Indian, and his Palestinian colleague is given more than enough responsibility. Sometimes we do not want to see and acknowledge our failures so we blame it on racism.

Every culture has their racist people. Among us Arabs are the most racists of all! I have heard all the stereotypes and racism remarks. They are from Lebanon; they must be sluts. People from Jordan are very rude and inconsiderate, I have dealt with few Jordanians and they were awful. People from Gaza are strong headed and you cannot deal with them rashom nashef. Khaleeji people are big snobs and conceded, they saw money and now they think they own the world. Egyptians are this, and Syrians are that…and so on. And lets not forget the, I hate black people. I hate white people. All Americans are bad people. It is very pathetic and very disturbing; we judge a whole nation by the few we encounter!

If you find a bad apple in the basket, you do not throw away the whole basket. It is the same with people. It really bugs me when I hear those remarks, and I just want to slap these people few time to wake them up. Thankfully the majority of people who utter those remarks are the older generation, my dad and his friends. So maybe there is hope that the newer generations will not be this poisoned. I guess that is too much to hope for eh? Well the least I can do is to teach my children to be understanding and tolerant of other cultures and beliefs and that stereotyping is wrong! So I can make sure two (maybe three one day) people in this world will not do this. :o)

When are people going to grow up, and judge others based on their own faults and merits and not based on where they come from or on their religion and beliefs?

How do we expect others not to stereotype us and utter racist remarks towards us, when we do it to each other everyday?

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No_Angel said...

Hey sam Stereo typing is FUN ! seriously, when you try to convince people that calling blacks(not gonna use Afro-ams ) 3abeed is wrong, they would reply well they are ! (meaning black since it became a euphemisms for the word)
now to the lighter side its genetic, and palestinians are so great with it, you have the nabawilseh, khalayleh, ghizawiyeh, badoo, fala7een, and last but not least 2il ma2adseh
The funny thing is that it is totally visible even in the kids that were raised outside of their natural habitat :)

So in a way its understandable, am not saying its good. but at the same point i don't like the american way of sanitizing the culture of words whether giving reality a second look, which makes it all the more frustrating.

Come on Nappy headed ho's ! that was a classic .