Monday, May 28, 2007

Our vacation pictures

medicine lake in Jasper. It is very cool, because it drains in some seasons and is full in others..
the mud slide that kept us waiting for three hours, aparently we were lucky..they eventually had to close the road and it would have taken us alot longer to get from banff to kelwna

Leaving the prairies of Saskatchewan

stuck in traffic for three hours due to a mud slide

At sunpeak Resort in B.C.

Leaving Banff

Riding horses in Kelowna, the horse were so cute!

The kids and the donkey at theVancouver zoo

A deer we came across in Jasper

The mountains in Jasper

Bolbol looking for interesting rocks by a lake in Jasper


Maioush said...

Hey Sam... :) very cute pictures eh? LOOOOOOOOL "I stole that "eh" from you" ;) .. looks like you had so much fun, good for you.
by the way.. you look soooooooooo cute ;) and i love your dress :D very cute

nido said...

The pix are amazing!!! Wow, Canada is really nice!!! and your kids are so cute! and WHAT EXTRA WEIGHT ARE YOU TRYING TO LOOSE?!?! come on...
looks like it was a great trip:)

MQabbani said...

Wow , nice pic ,

one of my dream to visit some place with such views i adore such views

glad u had fun

7aki Fadi said...

Hey Sam, very nice pictures, mashallah your kids are cute, just like their mom :).

I would love to take a trip just like this one.

SimSim said...

very nice picture :)

Who-sane said...


.. I'll also have to second 7aki: the kids are as cute as their mom.

Sam said...

maioush I love the :)
thank you for the compliment:)so sweet:)

Nido thanks..the scenery was amazing..u should definatly come to here:) i just need to lose 10lb in few places:) i look ok in dresses..:o)

mqabbabi inshallah u will get to go to place with the was amazing..the whole time u keep on saying subhannah allah..the mountains, and the lakes in the middle of the mountains are just amazing mashallah..

7aki thank u:)
we have been wanting to make this drive since forever..if u ever get a chance to do it, come to calgary, rent a car and drive between banff and jasper, inbetween those 2 towns/parks are the most beautiful places i have ever seen.

simsim thanks:) and thank u for visting my blog:)

who-sane thank u:) *blushing*

redrose said...

Cute family..cute pictures..I have a big smile while I am checking them.. so sweet specially the mom (it's not mujamaleh) :)

Sam said...

Thanks redrose :)