Sunday, August 19, 2007

Things I like about Amman-other blah blahs

The family get togethers....they are great...even when we are not invited out to dinner by one of hubby’s uncles and just sitting at one of his sisters’ places drinking coffee and argeeling it is still fun.

Maids! I do not have one yet, but I am using my sister in law’s maids as babysitters. So I have been able to go out kids free! Enjoying adult conversations, eating good foods and argeelah...I am also able to wear my sooo cute few inches too high shoes outings since I am not chasing after my kids.

Ziad is able to go play outside on his own without me standing on the side. All the neighbours are in a love/hate relation with him. He is a cutie and does the cutest things. But when he gets mad he is very loud. We are working on that.

The constant chaos all over! I am sick of the quietness we had in Saskatoon. Just like hubby says, when you look out the window you see meet 3ars in front of you.

Having neighbours pass you and drop the salaam, and coming over for juice (since I’m still nervous about the coffee thing)

How everything is open late and the street are so full even late at night.

The 7ares at the building. I just call him and he goes to buy me whatever. Ok so I have not been using him much. So far I only asked him to get me some manaeesh. But it is the fact that I know he is there if I ever need someone to go out and buy me something! I love it, love it, love it! Of course he ignores my phone call sometimes, so I just send him Zozo, and he does not take no or later for an answer!

Ok I had more, but I forgot them now. I’ll talk about something else.

Today zozo started school. He looked so cute in his school outfit. We were going to go with my sister in law. But we were out late the night before so she overslept. We took a taxi. It was a good thing. It was so busy by the school! She would not have been able to park. I decided to walk to a preschool I always see close to the school to register Bolbol after I dropped zozo up...but I lost my way and could not find it...but I found a taxi and he knew masjid elwefaq...phew! So I did not have to do too much explaining.

Zozo was done school at 10:00. So like an idiot I waited until 10:30 and went down to wait for him. Bolbol actually got sick of sitting outside. I am thankful we have a nice gated entrance! We waited until 11:40! Good thing we were outside because the bus almost missed our building but we waved and he came! We are supposed to wait for him from 6:30am tomorrow! KILL ME NOW!

On a happy note, my kids fell asleep at 8:35 and 9:00 today...I feel like I’m in a dream!
O, today we went to visit my mother in law in khalda...I am so proud of myself...I gave the driver good direction and it cost .600JD. After a while we left and took another taxi, and I think the guys ripped me off! It cost 1.100JD! But I gave him good directions. He just took the long way! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......screw him!

I am missing Canadian coffee! I want a cup so bad. Yesterday we were at the inter continental having dinner, and you would think they would have Canadian/America/german whatever you want to call it coffee, but to my dismay they did not....I want Tim Hortons! But I’ll settle for anything! Waaaaahhhh...

I just fixed my space bar a minute ago! Yippy! This is why I have not been blogging much. Typing with a screwed up space bar is not easy! If you want to know what happened to my space bar, I will tell you. Just ask...ok ok you do not have to beg! Few days ago while I was doing my hair while my poor laptop was sitting on the bed behind me and bolbol being a tad too quite on the bed a crime happened! For some reason my three year old monster decided that it would be cool to take the laptop keyboard keys off! He had the B,/,[\, del and spacebar buttons out and working towards the rest! OMG my brand new laptop looked very sad! Thankfully I was able to put them back after figuring out how it works, but the spacebar was not easy! And I have been having a heck of a time typing in the past few days! But not I took it out and put back in and it works! I can push anywhere on it and it works not just in the center! Gosh I am just too smart and just did not know it!

One last thing, I am starting to hate, hate hate fireworks!


MQabbani said...


wallah nice to hear all this i really enjoy it :) ,
so about the TAXI yeah not all time same u pay when go and back ..

:) well i see u start enjoy :P

about the 7ars , give him a good tip , but not much and he will call u every hour ask if u want any thing :)

yallah :) take care i had to wake up early too ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad u're enjoying ur time here. You'll get used to Amman. And I also hate fireworks now, they're over doing it!!!

Maher said...

taxi drivers are so bad here, really! they try to take money from you by any way.

anyway, i dont know if you know this, but this is the first time in jordan history that schools start in mid of august, they used to start in the beginning of september.

and life goes on... said...

hahah.. I really enjoyed reading this post! And I agree the too much quietness sometimes can drive me crazy.. there are so many nice things about Amman, I love Amman's busy and active summers.. I love the way it's more as if people never sleep.. busy night outings and traffic.

Im getting to miss all of this! I think one who lives in Amman it's more like a long vacation.. lots of fun .. fun.. and fun!

Maioush said...

Hehehe Sam, congrats on your spacebar, I know how frustrating that can be.
Girl, you made miss amman so bad with this post, the school, the 7ares, I can’t believe that I miss our 7ares :) .. even the fireworks :D …
I like it when you do that, I really miss amman so bad

Hamza said...

that was enjoyable to read. I felt it coming out from your heart.

loooool @ "when you look out the window you see meet 3ars in front of you"..this is so true

for me. It was vice versa. Being in Amman makes me miss Canada. I miss the quietness, the fact that you don't have annoying relatives visit you at any unexpected time, stupid jeeran, being dependent on a 7ares rather than be self-dependent.

but no matter where you go, there will be nothing in amman that will compensate for the special flavor of TIMMMMMMMMMMYs

kinzi said...

Sam, you did it! your little one is in an Arabic school!

This is too funny for me,listening to you re-discover Amman. :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

lol! nice post :) I love Amman all the time, in winter it gets nice and cozy, and in summer its hectic and loud! Plus this is one of the best summers I've ever had.. it is so busy and filled with weddings, happy occasions and outings.. I had never been invited to this much is so much fun..

You should get over the coffee.. its so easy.. yum yum.. i want some now :)

Summer said...

You seem to be adjusting well living in Amman...happy for you.
any plans for driving there or you still have your fears? best of luck! Enjoy!

Sam said...

qabbani...ive been back and forth to my mother in laws house and to here alot last year and it was almost for .60jd or so...o well...:)

survivor thanks for stopping by:)

maher really? they used to start later...this sucks..o well i guess it is me more me time:)

dima yeh im sure u r missing gets kinda of boring in canada and other countries..o well..:)

maioush i hope u can come here sooner than you plan...i know how much u miss amman:)

hamza yeh i really miss timmy' going to drink a hundred cups of coffee to get over my jay 3abal (cravings)im having ...

kinzi...yeh and he loves it...:) so far he has learned to say honak and shater shater...:)

amal yeh it is alot of fun...i guess it will be nice in winter..nice and cozy...staying in and relaxing bas not too much...because there is still alot to do :)

summer yeh im getting used to it now...driving..yeh i have decided even more that i will not drive here...i do not need any more gray hairs on my head:)

Sel3 said...

"meet 3ars" that was funny...