Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Rambles

I have two clocks on my computer, one to tell me Amman time and own with Saskatoon time. So I know if I can call my hubby and my family. It was easier counting forward the 9 or 7 hr difference...but it is annoying counting back wards!

People keep on saying wow you have lost a lot of weight! I was so worried i would get the opposite since i gained 4lb over the winter! I have few new favourite people now! But I did lose weight since coming trusty scale that has been traveling with me all over said 125.5lb this morning!!! YIPPY...I have not seen this number since I left Toronto to Amman last summer! Yippy *doing a happy dance*Ok so there is a little voice that says do not be too happy, u have not been working out for 2-3wks , you are losing muscles that little voice I say shut the hell up!

Today I asked the 7ares to get us solar, since ours was empty and we have been taking cold showers for the past few days....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My sister in law is so busy since her daughter’s wedding is on Friday so I did not want to bug her. But now I am worried that he de7ek 3alay. I gave him 100JD to get it filled, and he did it so fast, within 30-40min it was done. He showed me a tank with solar in it, but he could have shown me someone else’s tank. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but my SIL is scaring me now saying that it is very weird that it got filled so soon, and blah blah blah . We will see, I will get my nephew to go down and check it out tomorrow. I hate having to keep on thinking bad of people, but I guess this is how it works here eh?

We got renters for our house, but they have a bad credit. Our last renters we didn’t even check their credit and they were great..the one before had a great credit and made 12k a month, but he still gave us lots of problems with his cheques! So I guess having a good credit does not mean you will never bounce cheques....but to be on the safe side, we’ll pass... While we are on the subject why the heck do people make renters pay everything in advance here?? It is really hard to pay 6000JD all at once...especially when you still have to pay mortgage and rent for 2 other homes and all the savings are tied in stocks and RRSP’S. It is so annoying eh? I say this phrase so much don’t I??

We registered Ziad in school here in Amman. We chose al Omareyah School because it is close and it has a class for none Arab speakers. My sister in law is very upset that we did not register him in an international school where they are taught everything in English, but we want him to learn Arabic, I mean when Arab kids come to Canada they do not go to Arabic schools and they adjust just fine eh? Zozo is very excited about it, he is looking forward to it, I hope the teachers will be nice! I like the fact that the building only has grades 1 through 3. I would not be comfortable with him around older kids!


Maioush said...

Al omareya is a great school Sam. It was my school back in Jordan :D .. yeeeeee u reminded me of the good old days hehehe, the gray uniform (well, I don’t really miss that, I’ve always hated my uniform) :D .. but yeah I love the school, the teachers are great, inshalla he will love it

Paasivirta Family said...

Miss you over on BBC. Glad to hear that you arrived and everyone is getting settled!

MQabbani said...


yeah u pay A LOT , its just need alil be talk with them and u can pay like 2000JD each 4 month , not the whole at once ,
the school is great and good one ,

the Solar , why no body tell u that the Tank and Soler is one of the most cheat things in Amman and there's alot of tricks to cheat u and take more

you need to be careful in many things , glad you post , but plz try next time to POST before you act :)
so you get more advice about have my mail if there's any thing u want to check about it tell me :), i will be glad to give a help :)

Sam said...

maioush yee..u went to that school now i will think of u everytime i go there:) it looked very cute..

denise thanks for stopping by..i've kinda of been a snob with bbc...i will be coming back to the board soon:)

mqabbani..i keep on forgetting..allah yostor and maykoom de7ek on me...i have so much to learn..usually id get my sister in law to do it...but she is so busy...bas one more day and the wedding is over and we'll be ok...inshallah..thank u , u r a sweety!

Who's-sane! said...

glad to know you're settling in sam! :)

and yes be careful from the solar guys, they have a bad reputation and you can never trust any of them

7aki Fadi said...

so you are setling in eh :)...good to know, Zozo inshallah will love the school.

And solar and stuff, zamaaaaaaan 3an hadi il2osas allah yi3inek.

And hope you have fun at the wedding :D

Omar said...

keep updating us..
I have been reading every one of your posts. They make for a great deviation from work.

I'm also puzzled by the quick solar installation.

Anonymous said...

You made a good decision for your son, he will not learn arabic unless in arabic school,and he will adjust fine when u come back..really,I have lots of friends like you and their kids made the transition with no problems.. Kids are good that way..
Best of luck :)

7aki Fadi said...

on other thought may be the bawab stole the solar from neighbour tanks,,, 7abibti be carefull u should have watched him
lets hope for the best
keep me posted

nido said...

It's good to hear you are doing good back in Amman! I'm so happy for you and best of luck! Enjoy it Sam...and your son will start speaking Arabic in no time, it's the best choice for your son there:) Keep posting:D

Sam said...

who sane...thanks..yeh solar guys suck...:(

7aki yeh i like it much better in solar wala bateekh...natural gas and it heats the whole house for $150-200/mo in winter and gets the water heater working all day long for $40 a month...i miss canada...

omar welcome back to my blog...u have not commented for a while...:)

noura thank u hoping inshallah he will adjust no problem..he is a very outgoing kid, he will be bilal hmm we'll see:)

7aki again..yeh i know he might have done so worried..i hate having to deal with this...sigh

nido *hugs* welcome back..i missed u...thank u...:)

Maher said...

Hey Sam, ACtually i am with you sister-in-law on the school issue, you are right about the Arabic issue though, but the way things go in an international school is way better than any other arabic school.

i think the first month may be hard on Zaid, but There comes your job, you need to be in touch with his teachers every while, ask them if Zaid is finding hard time settling in the school.
And OFCOURSE you should try to get info from zaid himself.

(Thats my opinion based on the experiance i had in Jordan's schools :> )

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

solar... akh.. lately we are forgetting to turn the heater off.. which means i think we are out of solar already! lol! Good luck to ur son in his new school.. i think its 2 weeks away now..

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

respect! :hats off:

i think its gr8 that u want ur kid to learn arabic properly. its just gr8! ppl usually run to schools where kids only learn english and french and never cud carry a conversation solely in arabic coz that meant they're civilized and well educated. im all for fluent english, but arabic shud come first. bless!

Oriental Arabesque said...

sam: albi ma3ek..i wish u all the best and hope u'll cope well with ur new life in Amman....i know it's not easy to change someone's life 180 degree..moving to a new house in the same city is an issue fa ma balek bi a whole new country and another continent! with different culture, system and habits! i really feel for u...but stay positive and remember that things will get better and easier with time inshallah :)
i like Amman a's a nice city really...

ur post and the experience ur living now made me think about myself..cause i know that one day (maybe very soon) we'll have to leave UAE and go back to Syria for good..and i really dunno how i'll feel then! :( i love both but i'm more attached to Abu Dhabi since i lived all my life here, and i have my best friend here too! :(
i know that it will take me sometime to get used to a new life in a new country...Allah y3een!