Sunday, August 12, 2007

a wedding in amman

Phew...the wedding is over! It was great, the bride was beautiful, the groom was sweet, the place was nice and more importantly I looked good! Ok not really, I felt so fat and was not crazy about my hair..But it is shoes were super cute and so high but not as uncomfortable as they looked!

On Thursday there was a henna party at the groom’s house in Irbid. It was cool actually. My exposure to Jordan has been to Amman elgharbeya. Here everyone is just too westernized; you might even forget you are in an Arabic country sometimes! It was nice to see real Jordanian traditions and very simple people living in a very simple house surrounded by fields. I totally loved it!

I hate how everyone always has to find something bad to say about other’s weddings. Don’t they know about karma, people will criticize their weddings even more? I saw how much work my sister in law and her daughter put into the wedding. Everything was perfect. The hotel was nice, the food was great, and the music was awesome! The only thing is that it is an outdoor wedding so we got cold, but really it is not their fault that it was a cold night, and you can not control the weather, and when dancing you really do not feel the cold at all. They had a shami 3aradah, which was very nice.

I would have had more fun if my kids were not so annoying! Ziad drove his cousin and her husband crazy. He wanted to dance with them, chit chat and blah blah. And then when I was so into dancing he goes off and comes back all wet because he decided to walk in the pool. OMG, I wanted to shoot him. His pants, shoes, socks and part of his shirt were soaked. His solution was to dry his pants with some of the paper towel in the bathroom. O that will take care of the problem. For the first time ever I wished for those air dryers in the bathroom. He got a big timeout on the sofa inside the hotel.

Some people just had to find something to criticize. And they talked none stop about an umbrella and a sword groom’s family were dancing with. They were colourfully decorated. They said it was old fashioned and made the wedding look backward, da’a ademeh. I thought was very interesting! I wanted to know what the umbrella represented but I was too embarrassed to ask the groom’s sisters. If anyone can shed some light on it, I’d appreciated it. When Arabs become too westernized that any eastern tradition is frowned upon, it gets to be very pathetic and sad. I`ve seen how much Canadians love to come to our wedding, and are very interested by anything eastern we do. I loved going to my friend`s Indian wedding because it was very very traditional without much western influence.


MQabbani said...

nice :) , you had fun

ppl in wedding is Talk alot , even guys , all talk talk , and start if he , if she , blah blah ...

try one day to go downtown :D , you will enjoy and see allot of traditional

Maioush said...

Well. Sam congrats for your sister in law and her daughter :) .. that sounds like a nice wedding .
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ ziad :D ya 7aram, you reminded me, my little brother did the same at my uncles wedding, my mom was extremely mad, she had to send my dad home to bring some clothes for him, he claimed that another kid pushed him into the pool :D .. that was unforgettable night :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

no one ever leaves a wedding with no critisizm.. like my dad always used to say when i told him abt my wedding preperations.. he said.. whartever yiou will do, people will find something to say about it..the most important thing is that you enjoyed it..heheh.. loool @ Ziyad.. i dont hink you will ake your kids with you to a wedding again! :)

kinzi said...

Thanks for taking us along to the wedding! Ziad, he is a pistol, I bet it was pretty cute!!

It WAS cold, yikes!

Oriental Arabesque said...

alf mabrook :)

ppl always talk no matter what! they always find something to critisize..that how Arabs are!

lol@ little zouzu...naughty kid! :)

Omar said...

awwalan mabrook :)

I'm all for tradition in a wedding.. you gotta have a massive dabkeh line, and bag pipes. Shami 3arada is bonus.

Ziad is an adventurous kid :)

Anonymous said...

Your son's story made me laugh, allah y3een. And I agree with you, traditional ways are never a negative, infact it could well be interesting and unique. And I was looking at the picture, it looks nice. Check out the people looking out of their room windows lol :D

The Observer said...

My cousin who has lived all of her life in the US dreams of having her wedding here in Jordan! She came for a visit and attended several weddings! She loved el zaffeh and the way people act in the weddings, and wants the same for her own :)

We actually have pretty things in our cultures that should be maintained :)