Thursday, August 30, 2007

The smelling tag

I was tagged by verbal Alchemy, and oriental-arabesque to do Mqabbani's smell tag.
TAG Rules :
link to who Taged you
Type at least 5 Smells you like
Tag at least 3 :)
Any language :D
Photos is an option
of course I could not just pick 5, so I picked 10 :o)
The smell of Clementine. It takes me back to my childhood when we used to play near the Clementine trees at my grandmother’s farm in Lebanon.

The smell of freshly laundered bed sheet. I love going to bed on freshly washed sheets

The smell of freshly baked bread. It is so heavenly!

The smell of freshly cut lawn in the morning...I hate being awakened by the sound of the lawn mower...but I love the smell early in the is very refreshing and the perfect sign on summer time...

The smell of my kids after a bath. We use a lavender shampoo and lotion so they smell like nice and fresh

Jasmine flower. It reminds me of my grandfather’s home in Lebanon

The smell of cumin. When I in school in Lebanon there would be these kids selling mil7 elamoon and kamoon. I always loved that...and the smell of cumin reminds of those grade school days in Lebanon. I always want to add it to whatever I am cooking...but it does not go with just everything...this is why I like mujaddara..:)

The smell of coffee in the morning; Even Arabic coffee.

The smell of baked sweets, any kind. They all smell so yummy....I want some now!

The smell of roasted garlic...yum!

I tag hmmmmmmmmmmm everyone seems to have been tagged already...waaaaaaaaahhh
i'll tag batoul, Omar, gosh I can not think of anyone else to tag...everyone has been tagged already...i'd tag who-sane but he is away...ah maybe when his family emergency is over inshallah and he comes back to blogging land..:)


Qabbani said...

:) thanks for the nice answer :D

Clementine!! al moshkeleh fee smell , ma betroo7 men al 2eed ...

Kamoon hmmm nice one too :D

and life goes on... said...

yay we have many smells in common :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

nice ones Sam.. i share some of them with u :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i luuuuuuuurve the smell of roasted garlic! num! i also share with u the passion for fresh mowed lawns. i even like em better when its the aftermath of a winter's first heavy rain..

loved ur choices :D

Sel3 said...

what's the story of garlic? it doesn't smell that good! but i like the bed sheets and the lavender and jasmine, so nice.

Sam said...

qabbani..yeh that orangy smell that stays on the hands..u need to wash lots of dishes after and it goes away:)

dima and mais...yeh i know we share

proud pal...yeh im going to miss the cut lawn smell..i cant see anyone cutting grass on a saturday morning in amman...:) well not in my neighbourhood at least:)

sel3 comone roasted garlic is what makes me want to eat so many tabkhat that i usually do not mlokheya...:o)shkalak ma bte3raf rehit nosak...haha..does that make sense...u know like when they say ma bte3raf ta3met tomak when someone does not like the taste of something yummy..:)