Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there are not many birds in Amman? At home when I’m up early I hear a lot of bird songs, churb churb...This morning I was up since 6:15 am and we were downstairs waiting for my youngest son’s bus where there are few trees at the entrance and did not run into any birds not even one churb...where are the birds?

Also there are no flies!!!! Or beetles...I have forgotten the screen door open all day and not even one fly came inside and no beetles and other nasties dropped in like they would in Canada! Now I like that! But I’m so jinxing myself, I’ll bet as soon I publish this I’ll find a fly! But I do have lots and lots of ants! They are so annoying! But I guess they are less annoying that flies and other bugs...So I’ll take ants over others bugs any day.

In other news...I took the kids to dream park? in Amman mall this weekend...they had a blast. I promised I’ll take them every Friday if we are not going to a farm or something else with my sister in law. I love the streets on Fridays! The streets were not too busy and we were able to walk to the mall without any stress. Of course Bilal got tired, but it was ok. He was good and held my hand the whole time and did not do his annoying lay on the ground so mommy can not make me hold her hand bit.

We are so going to be screwed when our long distance bill comes. We are waiting for our Vonage device to come. We got 2 for my sister in law last year for her son so he can talk with his fiancé while he was living in Saudi while she was in Jordan in order to cut long distance calls, at the end it cost over 700JD and they did not used it!

So now one is in Saudi Arabia and one is here in Jordan. hubby's nephew's wife's family have the one in Jordan and they do not want to give it to us! I asked his wife for it and she did not bring it, even though she is in the building visiting the neighbours everyday. We have deactivated it last year so the device is useless to them, but she won’t give it to me...I do not get some people!! So now we are waiting for the one in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully she will send it soon.

When we get it we can talk as much as we can. We get unlimited calls for $40 month so we will be able to talk to hours. Right now we are being dingy and making our phone conversations quick and to the point, and still talking for 40-60min a day. I hope the device would get here ASAP! I will need to get a land line and a good DSL connection.


Qabbani said...

:) brb

Oriental Arabesque said...

40 to 60 min a day between Jordan & Canada! wow! that's a lot..i don't want to scare u but the bill will be huge :(

tayeb use MSN for now... :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

whoa! i thought i talk a lot on the fone! lol

da77akteeni! actually missing beetles and flies? lol :D

but u know, here in dubai, u can absolutely NEVER see a stray cat, i love that bout amman! inno fi ktir cats in every street, and they're cute ones! mrabayeen 3al 3ezz lol, bas aloof :S ma bi2arbou shayfeen 7alun smalla lol

Maioush said...

GOD SAM!!! Your phone bill will be crazy!!!!!!!
Why don’t they give you the Vonage thingy??? URGH!!! Some people are just too much
And girl, there are no flies in Amman??? This is new :D LOOOOOOL! I think they died from the heat this year, but believe me, I take flies way better than ants, ants just drive me crazy, Ktaaaaaaaar… :D

and life goes on... said...

if you get a high adsl connection then just talk on skype! This is how I talk with my parents, my hubby got them a skype wireless phone - which they can also use as a normal wireless phone(because my parents are not so into technology , so they wouldn't know how to connect to skype with a head set) and they think it's Dima's magical phone. I use the head set and got myself a bluetooth piece so that I can do other stuff while talking to them. it's unlimited, very clear and convenient! I love it!!!

About the birds, well here they have so many birds.. the birds here are like the cats in Amman. they don't get scared of people, and while sitting in Macdonald's the other day they just came inside and walked everywhere in the place.. without them bothering anyone or anyone bothering them! it was so funny!

Sam said...

qabbani that brb took forever:)

OA i think your name is mais ,maious?? it would be so much easier to type your name eh:) i know it will be too trying not to think about it..

proud pal yeh i talk too much with hubby, my sister and two of my friends..with everyone else im normal ..but im so glad im only talking to hubby now..
im not missing just confused at the lack of them:)in so glad there are no stray dogs here...cats are cute..but dogs...scarrryy...

maioush maybe they have become instinct here...3an jad i have not seen any...yeh ants are annoying..but they stay on the ground and do not buzz in your ear:)

Dima...i like vonage because then i'll have a canadian phone number and i can call the rest of my family and friends and they can call me like im still in canada..:)but they'd better not call me at 3 in the morning..:)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Sam.. I have a recommendation to make for you. go with someone other than Vonage or Skype (sorry dima) The reason I say this is that these are the two well known companies and the more people use them (and I assure you, many use them) the more it will raise suspecion and might be target for banning in our part of the world (besides, the're kind of pricy)

I use broadvoice and have been for over a year and a half and let me tell you something. These are AWESOME! I pay only 9.99 and that-is-it! My folks call me every single day and sometimes they leave the phone on for couple of hours while I share the evening with them from my office.

My next project is going to be a webcam-o-ip but those are a bit pricy these days :) [and no I am not talking about PC Based ones]

kinzi said...

Sam, you are SO fun, and funny. We have ants too, (Oh, so bloggable, those ants) and my friend said wash the counters and floors with gasoline!!! AAHHH! I'd rather fight ants than that!

Sam said...

o qwaider im not so techy techy..broadband and blah like a different language to least vonage i understand:) ok i think i do..

kinzi thank u..u r a sweeti..btw i called u few days ago and talked to one of your kinz's ... u were not home:(

Qabbani said...

hey Sam ya Sam :)

use the cards , u pay 60min *3= 1.80JD

so 1.80 for hour to Canada , and the voice is good ,u can use ur mobile ,or any land line ... ask about it

Maher said...

Thank God there is no flies or birds! lol
we have birds in university of Jordan, Trust me these things are nasty! not like the ones in Canada at all!
they eat people! no kidding! lol

Hamza said...

why don't you go to the dead sea sometime in spring? they build an empire there of flies there and you get to see all the sizes from dabbour to doban il azra2. You'll be impressed. trust me.

Yesterday, I've did the terrible mistake of opening a watermelon and dumping it in the garbage but I didn't take the garbage out. I woke up to find an army of ants asssaulting Watermelon crater. :(

Sam said...

qabbani where the heck do u get those cards..i do not have a land line...and the ones weinak and ma3ak are 55min for 5JD...

maher and hamza i do not miss just surprised there aren't any and glad of it..because my kids alwasy forget to close the screen door but here i do not have to worry about unwelcomed little visitors!:)