Monday, August 20, 2007

wow! what a rip off!

Seriously it is so sad how you have to keep your eyes and ears open all the times! Today we decided to take a walk and buy some bread from the gardens..It wall went well...I took bilal sans stroller, and he was not too bad. We crossed the streets without many problems yippy!
After buying bread on the way back we passed the DVD store, we went in to look for an Arabic DVD for the kids; we found bug life and went to pay for it. It was for 1.5JD. I got 1JD out then noticed that I do not have a ½ JD so I got a 5JD out on the table. The guy took the 5JD and put it in the register, and then he took the 1JD and asked if I have a ½ JD!! Holly crap, do I look that stupid??? It is a good thing I was carrying bolbol and not busy running after him so I noticed what he did! He looked like such a nice guy...tsk tsk and I’d say it was an honest mistake but it was so freaking obvious it is was not!

Other than that I enjoyed out walk and found a bakery with nice whole wheat bread that is not too thick!:)

O and today I registered bilal in preschool and I made a friend! She lives close by and her son is few days older than Bilal...she is about my age so I am happy.

O O O O O , while talking to the girl at the school, one of the teachers; I mentioned that I have another son that is 6yr. And she was surprised and asked how old I am. She thought I was 24/25. I love that girl!


Firas said...

Nice entry!

She thought I was 24/25. I love that girl!

Lucky you, that other day an 18yrs old dude called me 3amu...I was about to kick his arse.

Yeah they do that a lot....anyways, watch out for winter and the Diesel guys :D

I'm just curious, you are not Jordanian?

Sam said...

firas *lol* at the guy calling u husband's nephew's wife calls me aunti...she is 4yrs younger than i am but i look younger!
no im not jordanian...a palestinian born in lebanon but hubby's family lives i've been coming to jordan for the past 9yrs :)

nido said...

It's good to know you are doing good in Ammman, finding all what you need around;)
I don't like it too when most of my students call me "khala Nida" even though they are way younger, but still...I ask them to call me by my name only:)

Btw, I find it difficult sometimes to leave comments on yr blog, sometimes it shows after a while, not immediatly I mean...I don't know why?!

MQabbani said...


Sam in Amman :D, nice well the DVD by 1JD and i take 6 by 5JD :D

u look younger that's nice , :D

yallah take care of ur money and KEEP ur eye open

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

aaahhhhh be careful ,especially if they find your accent "mkassara" shwai or whatever.. others try to rip anyone off 3enak 3enak..

take care :)

Jundi said...

sam dont write in this color plz .. it's hard to read :o

and yes fee kteer 3alam nassabeen hon .. welcome to the arab world

Maioush said...

AWWW! How cute.. Well, I saw some of your pictures and you do look young Sam :)
I’m glad to hear that you are doing sine, I’m really happy for you :D

Hamza said...

lol. I had a similar incident after I came from canada. The other day I went up to pay for something and it was worth 1.5 JD. So I gave him 1/2 JD thinking its 2 (the canadian toonies and half JDs look similar). Both of us puased for few seconds. Him waiting for an extra 1 JD and I am waiting for my half JD. loool

ДншдЬ said...

Bug's Life? its too funny especially with the Egyptian voices...
Have fun you and your kids :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

don't u LOVE it when ppl think ur younger? :)
i'm enjoying that a lot these days..and i'm sure it's more fun when u have makes u feel a 100 times better :D

few weeks back i went with mom to the hairdresser...she was done before me and was sitting chatting with a lady waiting for me to finish...when i did and came to tell her i'm done so we can go..the lady asked her hai bintek? amoora mashallah..2adeh 3omrha?
i asked her to guess...she said 21!!
i couldn't but tell her ya allah shu 7abetek ya aunti :D
mom told her i'm 27! and the lady got shocked..said no way she looks younger! wonder how would she react if she knew i was 31! :D :D

Sam said...

nido yeh it sucks being called husband's 26yo neice is the only one who calls me khalto now..even the 6yo calls me by my name..:) i dont know why u get trouble posting:( im sorry..

mqabbani yeh i'll definatly keep my eyes open!:)

mr alramahi accent is definatly not mkasar...but it is all over the place..:( so they try to get me..some not all..:)

jundi really..ok i'll write with a darker colour...sorrrry..

maioush thanks dear..u r a sweety:)

hamaza *lol* that is funny..:)

ahwab..yeh it is funny..monsters inc too...i guess the same guys didi the voices in those 2 movies..

oa yeh it does make u feel better...:) wow we are the same age i did not know that:)

Anonymous said...

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