Friday, February 23, 2007

A snow day...

It doesn’t look too bad out today. It is snowing, but the snowflakes are very tiny. It is supposed to taper off by the evening. The good news is that I will not be house bound for long. It does not look like the snow is too deep on the roads, so it is not stuck able snow. I may even be able to go out tomorrow. J

The bad news is that I am stuck home for today, and my husband decided he felt like eating cookies while we were shopping last night. Why o Why did let him come shopping with us. So right now I have three bags of cookies, two I could careless about, but one I love, staring me in the face. Maybe I will accidentally crush them, or oops they will fall into a sink full of water. Wish me luck staying on track, summer is almost here and I need to lose 10 lb. How hard is it to lose 10 lb? My husband always laughs at me and says he can lose that much in two days. He actually can, he stops eating chips for a couple of days and traaa he loses few pounds. On the other hand I kill myself at the gym, doing cardio and weight training, come home count every single calories I put in my mouth and if I am good and do not cheat, I might lose a whole ½ lb! Yippy!

It is so unfair!

Anyways, as I was saying, so it is a snow day. My husband is at work though. I love those snowy days, you can get so cozy in front of the fireplace and watch movies while eating cookies and popcorn. Maybe the boys and I will order a movie, sit by the fireplace and munch on some low fat popcorn :)

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