Thursday, March 1, 2007


This is hopeless! I am four days into my weight loss challenge, and I have already cheated 3 days of the four. Of course is only 10am of day four! The good news is that the cookies my husband bought last Thursday are all gone. But I do have a pack of Eid cookies my husband so thoughtfully bought over a week ago while in Vancouver. HUSBANDS! O and forget about going to the gym. Again it is partly my husband’s fault. He is way too busy at work that he cannot spare five minutes to bring us the car. The good thing is that I know will never ever hear my husband complain about why we need two cars. Since moving to Saskatoon 1.5yrs ago we sold my husband’s car, and shipped my car out here. We do not need two cars; my husband’s work is less than a five-minute drive from home. So anytime we need to go our, I call him, he brings the car, we drive him back to work and pick him up once we are don. It is even better in the summer it is ever better because he takes the bike to work. But there is no way we can live with one car in Ontario. His work will be a good 30min drive from home. So at least now he knows that even though we are in the best situation to have one car, it is still an inconvenience sometimes. I am sure he will never talk about selling our “extra” car again. Now I am looking forward to car shopping. Rami wants us to buy a van! I want another small car, or an SUV. I’m too tiny to drive a van!

Ok back to my weight loss, I forgot to make an exercise schedule, and I forgot to plan my menu for the day the night before. This is why I have failed miserably those 4 days! My eating had no structure, so I was hungry all the time. And I forgot which day I should be doing upper body weight training and which day I was to do lower body, so I just didn’t do any.
I did lose miraculously lose ½ lb in those 4 days. I am at 128.5lb as of this morning. The exact same weight I was at a year ago.

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