Sunday, March 18, 2007

a funny

Last night while I was tossing and turning in bed I remembered an incident I had in college o so many years ago. I was taking summer classes. A very good friend of mine, Ra’ed was taking the same classes, so we had breaks together. We had just finished our business law class and had a couple hours before our next class started. We went to the cafeteria for some coffee. We decided to sit in the solarium part of the cafeteria. I chose a table and sat on the chair, before I realized that the cushions were soaking wet. Apparently someone over watered the hanging plant over the chair and now my jeans were soaking wet.

What the heck was I supposed to do? Those were my no car days so I was taking the bus from and to college. I would have had to take two busses home. There is no way I was going anywhere with my wet bottom. It was soooo embarrassing. My friend did not have his car, and I could not ask him to take the bus to my house to get me a new pair of pant.

Thankfully it was a very nice June day. It was very sunny, warm and not humid. So we took our coffees and went outside to sit on the benches. We Sat there for about three hours, well he sat, and I walked back and forth, back and forth to help my jeans dry. It was the funniest three hours I ever had. Ra’ed teased my like crazy, but it was ok. This guy was so funny; he could make the most baykha (bad) joke sound hilarious. And he was so sweet to keep my company while my jeans dried for those three hours or so hours. Of course we missed our next class, which was statistics I think. Of course neither of us was crazy about that class, so we did not mind it. I miss college days. Those were the best years ever.

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