Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don’t poke my eyes!

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Prep for my lasik. The girl took pictures of my cornea, then more pictures. The she had to measure my cornea, ok great no problem right? She put in numbing eye drops. She told me to look straight at the wall and she held a little tool that looks like pen. She had to measure my cornea by poking around it with the tip of that pen looking thing. Ok so chicken little me freaked out, it didn’t hurt at all since my eye lids were numb and she was touching the watery part of my eyes, just like contacts. But the thought of someone poking my eyes, almost made me pass out.
The she said we offer sedation for you during the surgery, if you want. Yeh of course I want that.

It is just like when I went to the hospital to have my babies. I went in for an induction both times. So I was not in pain when I checked in the hospital, but I asked for the epidural 100x during my talk to the doctor. You are not even in labour yet, relax he said. Of course I have 0 pain tolerance and a wild imagination about how much it will hurt. So I could not relax, until few hours later when I got the epidural. God bless whoever invented it.

Ok so back to my eyes, in 2 days my poor little eyes will go under the knife, err, laser. And I will bid my glasses farewell; ah it is so bitter sweet. NOT!! No more being called four eyes, although I have not been called that since grade school, those mean kids. I hope they are all wearing glasses now, and do not qualify for lasik!

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