Friday, March 16, 2007

My Lazik Experience

I had my Lazik surgery Last night, thankfully my eyes are healthy and my cornea is nice and thick so I had Lazik and not PRK. I am not sure what that is, but with PRK you have to wear a lens after surgery, with Lazik you don’t.

Anyways, I went in at 3:00pm, signed my consent, paid my $2990 by a bank draft and got a tiny teeny pill to put under my tongue to help me relax. I met a nice lady from Prince Albert who was to go in for surgery right after I’m done, we chitchatted and it made me feel better. Of course by then I was all whooooooooooooooooooooooooo, from the pill.

At about 3:46pm I went in to the Lazik suite, and I sat on a chair. I told them to excuse my chickeness, the nurse told me that everyone was a chicken today. Hahaha.
She said that she will tell me everything the doctor is doing.

They put a patch over my right eye, and put clips on my left eye to hold it open. They put a lot of numbing drops in my eye, and got to work. The nurse kept on telling me what is going on. He is washing your eye, so I feel cool water. Now he is drying your eye. Now he is taking the flap out what the hell is the flap?? I still do not know and I really do not want to know. So now that the flap is gone everything goes dark until he put it back in. then he has to do something with the flap, to make it even. Then I go under the lazer, for 32 seconds, the nurse counts by 5’s, and it is over. I can smell something burning. Just like when I had a mole removed by laser. But thankfully I am too relaxed to worry about it, the doctor knows what he is doing, he had done this thousand of times. He does the same thing to my right eye, except I feel the clips are too tight and my eye is not comfortable. The doctor said I was pulling against, and my eye should relax, but I was not pulling I was relaxed. I was done by 4:00; I know that because although my vision was all blurry, I could actually see the clock on the wall few feet away from me.

After sitting in a room for a while with eyes closed the nurse came in, she gave me a bag with drops that I am to put in my eyes every waking hour, sunglasses and information on how to care for my eyes. I left the building at 4:30 wearing my cool sunglasses that I was to keep on all the times for that day. Even while sleeping!

My husband was a sweet heart; he drove me home and took the kids out. I guess they went to the airport and then to play at McDonald’s. I went straight to bed, wearing my funky sunglasses in my dark bedroom. I had to keep my eyes closed and not use them at all, like I had a choice they burned a bit, and were a lot more comfortable closed. It was uncomfortable having the glasses on while laying down bed, but I managed to sleep a bit, wakeup, sleep again until 9:30pm when my husband and the kids came home. My husband would let me do anything, he put the kids in bed. I had a small sandwich because I was shaky since my last meal was at 1:30. I went back to bed at 10:00 and had to sleep with patches on my eyes. I looked like an alien. They cover your eyes, and have small holes in them so you can see. This is to prevent you from accidentally rubbing your eyes, which is a big no no for the first week after surgery. My son woke up at 3:00am; I know that because I could see my bedside clock now! He wanted to come to bed with me, I was afraid he was going to get scared from my alien looking eyes, but he was not J

This morning at 8:30 am I had to go back to the doctor to check my eyes. No one was happy about that, my kids are not morning people. My cornea has fully healed, but my eyes are inflamed so I have to put antibiotic drops six times a day instead of four times. I made a schedule and hung it up the wall so I do not miss any drops.

The only bad thing is I have those red dots in my right eye. They freaked me out last night but the doctor said it is normal and they should disappear in one week. I hope he is right. It is a hickie from the suction. Hahaha…gross I know.

Now my vision is still not too great. I can see everything but it is not perfect. It will take a while for my vision to stabilize. I cannot drive for 2 more days at least, no water or soap on my eyes for a week, no makeup for one week.

So far I am enjoying being able to see with no glasses and no contacts. I will like and enjoy is a lot better once my eyes have healed 100%.

So there , that is my Lazik experience. I know lots of people who have it done. But no one would share details with me. O yeh is a simple procedure and it is the best thing I have ever done. But no one would share the details; so for anyone who wants to know about it. I have written everything I have gone through from 3:46pm last night until this morning at 11:12am J


7aki Fadi said...

Hey Sam, Il7amdillah 3ala ilsalameh.

Thanks for blogging the details :). It went smoothly, this is great, now I know what to expect if I do it.

Sam said...

7aki fadi, it is so cool now..i wakeup and i can see everything in the room so clear...:)