Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do not rain on my parade

Don’t u hate those people?? You know the ones that have to say something about everything. They cannot stand to see anyone happy. If you tell them I just bought a house, they tell you not to be too happy because it will cost too much a lot more than rent blah blah blah…and those who tell you do not be too happy you are thin now, when you get married you will end up like the rest, fat and ugly! (Thank you khalo). And those who see your baby sleeping through the night and being a great baby, and telling you easy babies become hard to deal with children.

Yesterday my husband and I were talking and for some reason we remembered my encounter with the worst of those people. We were married for one year at that time, very happy, crazy about each other and not afraid to show it (we still are btw). We went to visit my husband’s friend and they had guest over, an Egyptian man and his Canadian wife. The men were talking about work and the three of us women got sick of hearing it and decided to go out the balcony. BIG MISTAKE! For two hours the two of them talked about how horrible marriage is, what an unromantic jackass my husband is going to become in few more years. I told them my husband is different than theirs, but they kept on going on and an on about how horrible my life will be in few year and how much I will hate being married. You just wait and see they said. Well alhamdoullah nice years later we are still happily married and would not trade my husband for the world.

Ok so some of the stuff they said kind of did come true after we had our first son. But it is not because my husband is a jerk. Kids do take a lot of energy out of you, especially during those first few years when you have to do everything for them. But still, it is not as bad as they made it out to be. And there are those days that I want to kick my husband because he is being very unreasonable and brick headed, but we have never gone to bed mad at each other. And I do love it when my husband travels for work, because I get to catch up on my reading and watch all the chick flicks I want and not for the reasons they were suggesting.

But seriously why would anyone see someone happy and start telling them how this happiness will not last? Why make a person see a dark future instead of a light one. Just because one marriage ends up bad does not mean that all marriages will end up bad. I guess misery loves company, and when you are miserable you want everyone else to be as well!

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