Friday, March 23, 2007


I have got to find a cure for procrastination. I have a million things to do today. I need to get ready and take the kids out for a walk, exercise, practice writing with zozo, start my assignment, start on our taxes, tidy up my apt for the third time today, start making dinner (chicken stuffed with rice and meat…my MIL will be happy today, why does she only call on days I make Mujadara)
Instead of doing all that I am supposed to do I’m just sitting on the computer checking babycenter, blogs, reading new here and there, and looking for cartoon DVDs.
Now after I post this I am going to shut my computer off and do all the stuff listed above…wallah!
If anyone knows a cure for procrastination , help!


nido said...

did you really shut your computer after posting?! hehe...I doubt it!! it happens to me all the time, checking blogs! and I end up driving like crazy trying to reach my students on time! I'm never late, but this has to stop! I need to drive slower :s
My first visit to your blog, a warm one is what you have;)

Summer said...

Oh, i am beyond this point of "telling myself" that i will shut off my computer to go and do what i have to i take my laptop to the kitchen and stay online even with me cooking!!!! no cure for me...the addiction is much bigger than i can fight, and i am ok with it!!
i also posted a recipe for kushari with pictures too!!

7aki Fadi said...

I am very addicted too.

Life is too short, procrastination is fun :).

Summer: I love Kushari, my mom makes a great one. I am going to check your blog.

Sam said...

i thought I replied, but it not here...hmmmmm i wonder what happened..o well..

Nido, I did shut the computer off for about 5min..then I remember i just had to post something and check another thing nothing got done ...taxes are still untouched, my books still sitting where they have been for over a week..didnt exercise..o too addicted!
thanks for visiting my blog:)

Summer im so glad i do not have a wireless modem and a laptop...i would be online 24hr a day..:)
i cant find the koshari recipe on your blog...and thanks for visiting my blog again:)

7aki fadi, yeh procrastination is your modem fixed? i guess it is...i guess no more family quality time eh?:)