Friday, March 23, 2007

a weight loss vent-enter at own risk!

It sucks when you have every mean to help you lose weight and get to your goal but you just do not use them. Instead you eat and you keep on saying I will start being good on Monday. Then Monday and you find a million excuses why you did not stick to it. Tuesday you (me) eat something bad, and for some reason do get to go to the gym. Wednesday comes by, and what is the point the point, you throw the week in the towel and eat as bad as you want, because you plan on starting on Monday so you (I) want to eat all the foods you are not planning on not eating for a while.

It is a vicious circle. I have had a membership at the gym; I have an elliptical trainer at home, lots of Arabic music if I want to belly dance, Pilates DVDs, an exercise ball, dumbbells, and a jumping rope, so really I do not have excuse for not working out.

For food, I have a great many resources on line on what I should be eating. I can go plan my foods to make sure that I stay within my calorie range on or sprakpeople. I have access to very accurate calorie calculator for my body. I know exactly what to eat to lose weight, be satisfied and meet my nutritional requirement.

Everyday I start out great. I have a bowl of bran cereal with a pinch of cinnamon and a cup of milk with a bit of coffee for taste. Then at 11 am I have a pria bar, which is super yummy. Then as the day goes on, I get bored and eat, and eat…what else am I supposed to do?? I am house bound most of the time. It is too cold, or my husband is too busy to bring us the car, when I have my own car again I am going to kiss it everyday! Although the car we have now is my car dammit! We bought for me, my husband had the Acura and he chose to sell it when we moved here instead of shipping it, he should leave us the car and walk to work! See this is why summer is so much nicer, because my husband can walk to work in the summer, or he can ride the bike.. So my no car excuse will be gone. I will not be stuck at home, and I will lose those darned 10lb!

Ok I feel better now. This week I will not start being good on Monday. I will start tomorrow. No more eating too much, and I will go to the gym at least 3x next week! And workout at home on days my husband is way too busy to bring us the car. There is no way I am going to let myself enter the 130’s again!

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