Tuesday, March 6, 2007

is it spring yet??

Everyday I look at the weather forcast and they say in two days the temperature will go up to the minus single digits, so far we have not seen any single digits. Today it is -15cel but feels like -22. Winter starts way too early here, the first -20 was at the end of october. Now I'm wishing that i went for a trip to cuba, instead of having my lasik done. naaaaaah..i'd rather go next year and be able to swim without worrying about contacts and glasses...ok never mind that idea.
Bears have the right idea, hibernate in winter, that is kinda what I've been doing. I barley go out, exept to go shopping or the gym. It is supposed to be 0 degrees on wednesday, please please let them be right this time. It takes us an extra 15-20min to get ready before going out, putting coats, hats, gloves and all the fun stuff on me and the two kids. I dread going out to play with the snow because putting on snow suits takes forever! Then we go for 30min and start losing gloves, get cold and come back in. It will be so much easier when we are living in our house with a yard.
Wake me up when spring gets here!

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