Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mujadara (koshari) (lentils with rice

Ok what is wrong with Mujadara??? It is a very healthy meal. Lentils are very nutritious, packed with dietary fiber and proteins. Besides it is very yummy, with some yogurt and cucumber sauce, or with a salad. I like it, my husband does not mind it and will eat a huge plate, and one of my kids will eat it. So what is so bad about it?? O yeh it does not have any meat, so it is not a meal a good wife would cook for her husband eh?

Few weeks go when my mother in law (who I love, and is the sweetest person in the world, but she does have her moments) asked me what I am making for dinner. I innocently answered we are probably having Mujadara. That was at about 11am and I do not start cooking until 5pm, so it was subject to change. She laughed and so did her sister sitting beside her. Ok no problems, I know how Arabs are, if it does not have meat it is not a good meal. I should have just said I was making a lamb leg or a roaster chicken. So today she calls, and all sweet, and loving. Then right before she hangs up she tells me to cook my husband good meals, meaning that the Mujadara I made few weeks ago is not good enough for her son! Ok so we have Mujadara few times a year, I also cook a killer Kabsah, yummy musakhan, and lots and lots of dishes that have chicken, beef and lamb in the recipe. And honestly my husband likes it much better when I make hummus, fool, eggs and ground meat, eggs and potatoes, or just eggs with some onions and curry. He is not much into tabeekh. Sheesh! I know what he likes better than anyone, I have been living with him for 9 years now..dah!


salam said...

I love mjadara, and I resent your mother in laws interference, but then again , if she's usually nice then as they say khalas masheeeha..:)

Sam said...

Salam, yeh I have forgiven her already...but for a while it bugged me..:) we having mujadara today..if she calls I will tell her we are having something with lamb:)