Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ugrading your degree?

I was talking to my friend last night, she told me that this weekend they were over visiting her in-laws and they were talking about my husband. Her father in law mentioned how poor Rami he cannot get a good job in Canada because he does not have a degree from Canada, blah blah blah…seriously this man has been saying the same thing over and over and over for the past nine years. Every time he sees my husband he has to mention this, and how he can get a better job if he only would go to university in Canada. It just gets old!! Some time people’s heads are so thick; it is hard for anything to go inside their brains!!! Seriously give it up man!

When my husband first came to Canada, everyone became an expert on finding jobs in Canada. Everyone was very discouraging and telling him that there is no way he will be working as an engineer in Canada unless he went back to school and upgraded his degree. What the heck does that mean, how do you upgrade a degree?? I know how to upgrade software, but how the heck do you upgrade a degree? This killed Rami; he had just graduated after seven years of hard work to what is equivalent to his masters from Germany and was not very fond of the idea of going back to university. Seriously if you do not know what you are talking about then just do not give advice. A relative told my husband that he couldn’t work in Canada unless he is a professional engineer, how the heck does she know that? Even Canadian graduates need a four-year experience to be licensed. My parents knew a couple of civil engineers who came from Lebanon; they used them as an example for my poor husband. Look at them, they have been in Canada for so many years and they still cannot find a job, they are working in a variety store, turns out those guys never bothered looking for jobs! That was not a fun year for us, my husband looking for an engineering job, and having to listen to people who all of the sudden because experts and would not stop giving unsolicited advice.

So now eight years later this is not an issue anymore, no one even talks about it, except for my sister’s father in law! Rami has worked for four of the biggest engineering companies in Canada; he is a professional engineer in three Canadian provinces yet this guy still feels sorry for him and has to mention poor Rami every time he comes up in a conversation. I do not get it! He says that if Rami would only get a bachelor’s degree from a Canadian university he will be able to get a better job! It will be funny next time we see him, I am sure this will come up again and again. I can not stop shaking my head at this guy, MAN!

Ok so that was my vent from today, annoying people with skulls so hard that think they know everything! I have more stuff to vent about today, namely my laziness, and my big appetite, my wasting time and not doing things I am supposed to be doing, but I’ll blog about them later, because if you do not already know it, I love to talk! About everything and anything!


7aki Fadi said...

It's a shoot me now moment.

Yallah. shu biddek itsawee, pretend he's right and say, shaif ballah 3ammo, shu bidna insawee aha aha aha , yes, pretend that u r listing.

Maioush said...

you have them too??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
i have like that person in here hehehe (bs hadak 3ala boomeh) "ya 3ammi tool ma enni shahadtek msh mn USA 3omrek ma ra7 teshte'3li"
... ye5rreb beat fanno sho enno boomeh...
tanshi 7abeebti tanshi wala yhemek :D

Sam said...

7aki husband is great with him, he besayro and makes him feel like he is so im not so i dont say anything...u know since he is my sister father in law and i have to be nice for my sister's poor sister!

maioush, we have so many...but now that my husband is working they stopped exept for this guy...ya bayi he drives me crazy!

Dandoon said...

don't get me started. I would like to stay in my happy place this morning and forget about last night's dreadful charity for Palestine experience.

Sam said...

dandoon what share!:) arent canadian arabs the best?:)