Wednesday, March 7, 2007

isnt this sad?

I just opened my MSN messenger and I saw my cousin on there. Seeing him made me realize that I have so many cousins that I have not seen in a long time. I could run into most of them on the street and not recognize them. This includes my cousins living in Canada. This past December I finally to go visit my uncle, and of course I saw his oldest son. I would have never recognized him, last time I saw him he was a little boy! now he is a man, he has a beard for god's sake!The rest of my cousin are in Lebanon, some in other countries, it is all the same. Last time I saw them there were in their mid teens, early years, and some not even born yet. We were very close with our cousins, we played together, we fought, we have great memories at our grandma's house. I miss them so much. I have got to go back to Lebanon soon and see my family. Last time I was in Lebanon it was 1993. So long ago! Hamoudi, if you read this, I miss you too


Summer said...

I hope you get to come soon to Beirut...bitnawreeha!!

Sam said...

Thanks summer:) next time i am in the mideast I will definatly go to lebanon for a week at least:) i didnt know that last time I said bye to beirut when the plane was taking off, would be the last time i see it in so long!