Thursday, March 15, 2007

It is snowing cats and dogs..

Just when we thought it was over, and spring was coming. Snow comes upon us again. It has been snowing all day long, and it is not light snow, the flakes are the size of a palm! More snow is expected for next week as well. There I go, back to hibernation mode. There are few movies I have been wanting to watch, so I guess I will order them on PPV this week before spring comes and I'm out of the house a lot more.

I hate snow! I have never seen this much snow. FYI Saskatchewan is a cold very snowy province. No wonder not too many people live here. According to stats Canada the population has decreased here, while it increased everywhere else in Canada. And for arabs it is a good place to live. There are only few arabs, and not even one Arabic food store. My mom had to send me zaatar from Toronto. I do not understand why Arabs would live here, it is cold and the community is so small, it is very , very, veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy boring. Even my 5 year old hates it, and can not wait to move back to the GTA. I miss having people over to visit.


Curly Wurly said...

I HATE SNOW TOO!!!! although we dnt have much snow here ! but it makes me sick i just like the fact that it washes all the dirt and covers everything with white !

Sam said...

curly wurly, it only covers things in white untill all the dirt from cars driving all over changes the white to is only pretty when it first falls..I am so not going to miss snow when it melts and summer is here:)