Saturday, January 26, 2008

The clueless Doctor

Last week Ziad started limping. It started on Sunday after he came home from winter camp. He said his leg hurts from our long walk on Friday morning. He is always saying his legs hurts and then after putting on cream it miraculously gets better. He kept on pointing to different areas of pain, one minute it is his ankle, the next it is his calf and so on. So we thought it is the same time and didn’t pay it much attention.

By Monday evening he was still limping and the cream did not make it better. Upon examining his leg we found the problem. His knee was swollen! He could not straighten his leg and it only hurt when he tried to straighten it.

On Tuesday we wanted to take him to the doctor we usually see, but it was snow day so she was closed. We took him to Ibn Alhaitham sure there is something broken! The x-rays show the knee bones in great condition. The doctor said so when he first saw the x-rays! But then changed his mind when he saw Zozo could not straighten his leg! He was dumbfounded and went back to the x-rays! He started saying maybe this, maybe that! He ended up putting a cast on the back of his leg going from his upper thigh to this ankle! Well there was nothing broken so why the cast, but he is the doctor what do we know!

The cast was annoying Ziad and making him walk weird. His knee was even more bent than before. So the cast was not doing what it is supposed to do!

On Friday hubby and I decided the doctor is an idiot and did our own research! We googled and found something called a jumpers knee, in medical terms it is called patellar tendonitis sounds like exactly what Ziad has! Ziad loves to run! He is always running and jumping in the apartment ,outside, wherever when doesn’t have anything to do. The swollen knee, unable to straighten, caused by too much running and jumping!

We called hubby’s uncle in Aqaba who is a doctor, and he confirmed our opinion! If the bones are not broken or fractured then it must be something with the muscle! What ever you do, do not try to straighten the leg he said! This is what that doctor was trying to do! I am sending him an email soon, to give him a piece of my mind!

If you are unsure about something ask another doctor for god’s sake! I am sure this doctor is great with bones, but when the bones were perfect he had no idea what to do, so he puts a cast on! Dah! We will not think he is less of a doctor if he went to someone else! He is a young guy and probably just recently graduated. If the bones are perfect then go to a muscle doctor Mr. Bone doctor! Same goes with any other profession! If you are not sure how to do something, ask someone more experienced for help! This is how you learn and gain experience! Sheesh!
After a day of resting, applying ice and taking medicine Ziad’s knee is not swollen. He is still not able to straighten it, but it will take few weeks to get better!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh Salamto ... alf salameh

I always say get a second opinion. There are good doctors and there are great doctors. There's nothing wrong with consulting someone else

Ya rab y2oom bil salameh soon

salam said...

shocking!! salamto ziad, I am happy he won't be sitting in a cast through his flight to Canada that would be devastating!

Maher said...

Salamtooooooooo! la2 mesh ma32oooleeen hadoool!
i know its like 3 more days for you guys in Jordan. but instead of iben haitham go to the Jordan's hospital! its way better..

Salamto again :)

Summer said...

Salamet ziad! i hope he will feel better soon...what a dumb doctor!!!

nido said...

Poor Ziad! It must have been hurting him really bad...
Hope he gets better soon!!

Dandoon said...

salamat for your little boy. I feel like doctors in Amman or in the ME in general have more ego and pride than they need. your doctor seems like one of those people.
btw...i love the cartoon :)

Hamza said...

jumper's knee? what kind of name is that?

but good job on actually bothering to search and google the issue. God bless the internet. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your diagnosis was the right one! If not get another dr's opinion just to make sure it's not an infection of some sort. If he was at camp that is very likely. All the best!

Sam said...

Q thanks! we did consult hubby's uncle and he said the other doc is a 7mar..oops.

salam...yeh that is what i kept on picturing...having to deal with him in a cast..bas alhamdoullah we didnt need to do that! he is better now!

maher thank u...he is better now so no need:)

summer yeh 3an jad so ahbal

nido only hurt when he tried to stand up streight

dandoon..yeh stupid ego! o well...thanks:)

hamza yeh bas it makes perfect sense since it is caused by running and jumping:)

anon does sound like it is the right diagnonsis because when we did what we were told to do via the site and hubby's uncle it got better within 3 days...his leg is almost streight now:) alhmdoullah:)

KJ said...

OMG that doctor is an infidel! He should get his license revoked!

If I were you an email wouldn't do - report him presently!

Princess N said...

Dr. Amr Amr is one of the best orthopedics in Amman.. if you would like a second opinion here is his number 5931611..


tinkerbella said...

ouch, salamto inshallah!!
yea, drs can be such idiots, I don't trust them. I try to go to at least 3 dr's to get three seperate diagnosis, and then agree with the majority (IF they make sense).