Thursday, January 10, 2008

yummy hot chocolate. meeting the blogger vacation vent

Damn it people you are I am changing the hot chocolate picture..:p

Phew hubby is gone to his mom's house so my precious laptop is free!

So like Kinzi said last night we went to the Galler for a ladies night out....It was great getting together with Kinzi, Mamabean, and Salam....and of course I finally got to try the yummy hot chocolate everyone has been raving about. Yes it was yummy! But i had a little bit in my cup when the guy took the cup away! I wanted that last sip! Even if it was cold!

It was a nice break away from the kids...who are on top of me as type ...

Speaking of kids I am so looking forward to them going back to school! Ziad has been off for two weeks now!! Please someone shoot me! Who the heck gives kids 5 weeks off???!!!!! Bilal's vacation just started today....I have been looking for a program to send them to, you something for few hours a day, but the only thing I found is a two week thing that teacher English, no problem they will be out of the house and get to spend time with other kids, but it costs over 260 JD for two weeks! It is a bit too much! *crying*

Well the sucky thing is our kids will not be going back to school in Amman, since we leave on Feb 01! It will take a couple of weeks for us to be back to our house and the kids registered in schools in Milton not Saskatoon!

Let me a take a minute to vent! Hubby wants us to move back to Saskatoon! I do not want to! No offence to Saskatooners, but it is soooo freaking boring! I want to be back in my beautiful house and not in that crummy apartment in Saskatoon!


Jundi said...

plus who wants to live in a place called saskatoon anyway right :D

kinzi said...

Hi memories from last night. I almost pulled MB's least fav hot chocolate to drink, but they took it too!

I'll be praying about the Sask. move, I SO see you in Toronto. May God move the man!

Ta2i3 said...

Hmmm that chocolate looks like a vagina!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Ta2i3 .. I'm sure you didn't mean that as a comopliment but that MIGHT BE the BEST promotion for galler ... EVER ...
(Now all the guys will be lining up to taste, "The molten hot va**")
LOL! :)

(Oh my god I actually said that!! My don't say what you think button is broken)

Thakar said...

Actually, it looks like a toilet bowl... Ewwwww!

Qwaider قويدر said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you changed the picture .... hahahahahaha
Oh my god ... I kept coming back to this post to see what happened :)

Please ... put it back .. ya sam ... ya sam :)


Anonymous said...

looooooool I didnt see the pic, but the comments are pretty hilarious :X 0:D

Anonymous said...

ok I forgot what I was going to say, I hope btousalo bl salameh wo wherever you go, as long as you settle in fine.

tinkerbella said...

Allah ey3eenek, another huge move :( yallah inshallah now you get to move back home and settle in, hopefully back to your home :)altho dammit im disappointed I missed that picture, now I want to see it after all the comments LOL

KJ said...


I am a chocolate addict, I understand your frustration with the waiter!

As for hubby, I think you need to speak with him "rationally" on this matter (ie emotional blackmail)