Saturday, January 19, 2008

I hate packing(again)

Have I mentioned how much I hate packing??? Well I do, I hate it, hate it hate it! If I do not pack for the next 20years it will not be soon enough!

Didn't I just do this 6 months ago?? And hubby thinks that I will agree to go back to Saskatoon only to move back to Toronto, no way!

I have not started packing yet, but everyday the maid comes and helps me clean a bit. Just thinking about though it driving me crazy! I have bags full of clothes to give away, but now I have no idea where to give it. The foods and the dishes and other stuff I bought will go downstairs to my sister in law's house . We have to go throught the kids toys, decided what we will keep in one box here in amman for them to play with, what we will take with us, and the broken toys will be thrown away. I have to start this soon. I only have 12 days left!

O and hubby extended his stay in Amman, he leaves one day before we do! It is nice having him here to help??

I have to fit my stuff into six bags to take to Toronto.

Today I had a dream we were going to stay in Abu Dhabi for one week and for reason who-sane and his wife as well as Q were there. I remembered that I put all my summer clothes in the bag hubby is to take with him, so I had to go shopping and they were helping buy summer clothes, since my sweaters were too hot for AD weather...isnt that weird? Maybe this is a sign not to send my cute summer clothes with hubby eh??


Simply ME said...

I hate packing too.. and I never leave it for the last minute. Im always done minimum a day earlier, so that I would relax and wouldn't panic before I leave.. this time I had so much things to pack, and the maid helped with everything! I used to give her the clothes and she'd arrange them in this amazing way inside the bag.. and because of that with all the things I carried with me, one bag was enough.. :)

Don't worry, Im sure your husband's extended stay will help a lot.. good luck with all :)

Maher said...

tb i love packing.. :S
i love everything related to traveling..
cant wait for the summer....!!

Summer said...

Do not panic! 12 days is a long time, enough to pack a whole house. you seem to have organized thoughts, what to take and what to leave, so you have it all in tour mind, all you have to do is pack it!!
your dream is funny!

asoom said...

I hear ya. I hate packing too so my sanity method is that I absolutely try not to think about it until I come to actually pack.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Ahhh, Packing is one thing, but MOVING is another I hate moving, I hate moving, I hate moving!

And Thanks for remembering me in your dream, thank god it wasn't a nightmare :)

Maioush said...

AHHHH!! You reminded me of the nightmare I went through I decided to move over to LA, GOD!! I was packing for a month; I had to pack ALL my belongings in TWO BAGS!! How was I supposed to do that??
I ended up packing them in 5 bags, and family members were bringing them to me whenever that visit, it took me 2 years to have all my stuff back, isn’t that fun??
Bs don’t worry, you’ll do it, it’s a pain in a neck, but u gotta do what you gotta do :)
LOL! You had a dream about Who-Sane and Q? how do they look like?? :D

Anonymous said...

oh god, try to not think of traveling with two kids that long flight lakan lool. Allah y3een.

KJ said...

I second Qu... I HATE MOVING

Life said...

:( I know what you mean..
I am packing again.. AND moving..
we moved to this house 5 months ago.. and now we are moving again! Can you imagen..

Moving sucks..

But It seems you have a good plan.. so stick to it.. and try to do some every day.. you still have time :) Good luck!

salam said...

Hey, aren't we doing the museum thing soon?

Sam said... i wish i could do what your maid does...i already have one bag packed so im happy about that:)

maher u r a guy..u do not count! i would love packing if i was just packing for me..and only needing few pairs of jeans and some shirts...:P

summer yeh im trying not to happy i got all of our books packed as well as the now i dont have to worry about those not fitting..:)

asoom..i cant not think about it..i plan for weeks how im going to pack...this is what saves my sanity:) 11 more days...

maioush o no! u didnt! i dont think i can do that.i'd pay the extra to get all my stuff with me...i would be too paranoid:) hubby is taking one bag with him to saskatoon and later brining it with him to toronto and im already anxious about that bag:)i know im weird!

gosh i have no idea how they looked like..but i do have an idea how they look like from face maybe they looked like thier pictures:) i cant recall:)

batoul..the kids are used to traveling...and i have 2 precious leapsters with lots of laptop so they can watch dvd's and some activity books...but since our flight out of AD is at hoping they will sleep lots!

kj i hate moving sucks!

Q yeh it was a good dream...i was shopping at a mall with lots of beautiful definatly not a nightmare:)

life o no! u poor thing..i hate moving too...good luck with your move...

salam yeh we should so that soon..our last get together...*sniff sniff*

kinzi said...

Sam, I thought at first this was Summer's post :S

AND< I forgot all about the museum!! Let's make plans!!!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

lol at the dream! :D

i cant say i like packing.. but its exciting! the idea of a new place, or going back to what we call home, its a new beginning..

all the best girl, wherever u land! :)