Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let it snow , Let it snow

Wohooo! We woke up to a fluffy, white morning!

Hubby's neice came to wakeup at almost 8 am, all excited about the snow! Her excitment made all excited about the snow, even though we are sick of it! Everyone is having a snow day here! yippy!

We called everyone....hubby's sister is in Aqaba and so sad, his niece is in Dubai and we haha'ed her, his other sister in Saudi and of course we had to rub it in....Everyone is upset for missing the snow...what is wrong with people here!

I'd post my own pictures, but I am a lazy picture person..I upload my pictures on the computer 3 times a year, so I have way too many pictures on my camera it will take forever!

Update: I decided it looked too pretty, so I downloaded my 500+ pictures on my computer

I am just glad I did my shopping yesterday so I am all stocked up on milk, fruits and bread! Yippy!

Speaking of snow, the first year we went to Saskatoon....the place where it snows the most in my opinion, there was a spider web on my balcony...it was a huge spider web, but it was invisible! After the first snow it was covered with snow and looked liked huge and unreal! I was so scared that this was the web of a snow spider...*LOL* I know, I know! Silly! I made hubby come home from work to make sure there is no giant snow spider on our balcony!


kinzi said...

Hey Sam!!! I taste of Canada for ya! I love it when you say: 'yippy'!

lol about the snow spider, what a cute thought.

mr.anonymous said...

You got an eiffel tower bil 7ara!
It's Amman telling you to stay "we got snow too"..3anjad ya raitek jay mish ray7a.

Qabbani said...

nice photo :)

WOW i feel like ages i didt comment

Anonymous said...

Like kinzi said,this is a taste of canada for you..
I wish you a safe trip back..are you ready and packed??

Anonymous said...

BEDIIIIIIIIIIII, it never snows in LA :( lucky you guys .. enjoooooooooy!! :D

Anonymous said...

NICE pix!!!!

Hamza said...

damn it. So it finally snowed. I can no longer tease my cousin who was dying to see it happen this year.

Enjoy Amman's snow. It is different than Canada's ;)

KJ said...

*hopelessly jealous*

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i wish i stayed home in the snow.. we had to go to work :( by the time i was back, the snow had almost disappeared..

nice pics :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Dandoon said...

Hahaha...this is the city's way of luring you into staying ...
get your shovels ready for the snow in Saskatchewan

tinkerbella said...

omg, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU for the pictures!!!
It snowed here about the same time as it did in Amman but snow in Amman is just.... different. I dunno.