Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog about Palestine is my home that I have never set foot in, it is the land I love without boundaries.

My heart cries for Palestine, I want to touch its soil even once in my life. My heart and soul are always with Palestine, it is a part of my prayer ritual. I pray that one day we get our freedom we get our right to return. I pray for the gruesome murders and unfairness to stop, for children to start living like they are supposed to without fear, for mothers to be able to sleep the night without worrying that tomorrow or the day after she may lose some or all of her children. I pray for families to live together all in one place without a brother, a son an uncle in the isreali prisons for life. I pray that children can go to school or out to play and come back home safely. I pray that wives and husbands are not widowed too soon, and children are not orphaned when they are still young. I pray for people to live in peace and harmony and for all of us Palestinians born all over the world to reunite and meet in our homeland, a land who’s love was born in our heart...

Palestine will always be a part of us, it will never be forgotten, I am instilling the love of Palestine into my children just like my parents have done before...if Israel (tfoo) thinks that Palestine will be eventually forgotten then they are wrong..

I am a Palestinian and proud of it...


Palref said...

سوف نبدأ تحركنا الآن - شاركنا
We will start now - PARTICIPATE

Falastini Hurr said...

israel is in danger. 60 years and we are still more strong in our pursuit of our National rights. israel is scared. They have pressured so many head of states to attend their so called independence? Independence from whom? The Palestinians never fought the Jews. The Europeans who kicked the Jews out. In return the ZIONIST Jews , through criminal ways, ethnic cleansed the Palestinians.
Yes israel is running scared. Why do you think they are building walls? Why they are to this day SEEKING recognition of the occupied?
Remember the Palestinians are the Key holders of PEACE. We will say it out loud: WE'LL NEVER FORGET.

Mark you calendar for May 23-25 where we assert the Palestinian National rights. We will say it loud that we will never forget. Palestinians are the Key holders of peace. Join the thousands and strengthen the network of the thousands of activists. Express your opinion and let the many panelists know of where Palestine should go. Support our efforts to empower our community and assert the Palestinians right of return. Join the many Palestinian Americans and their supporters in Chicago commemorating the 60th year of the forced exile of the Palestinian people. Be pro active, ask questions to the Panelists and discuss the current event. We must empower ourselves and make a strong network for Justice, Peace and Freedom. Enough talks, Register NOW

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