Friday, May 9, 2008

just thinking out loud..

I am getting excited about this baby now! It did take few days but it is starting to sink in, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

I think I will have the baby at our local hospital...why drive all the way to Mississauga when there is a hospital five minutes away from home..??! I asked people on the forum for my area and everyone had good stuff to say about the hospital...I hope I can get a private room, I hate sharing a room!

Ah in the next few months you guys will hear all about will become pregnancy experts if you keep on reading my blog! Well if you do not get so sick of it and decide to never visit my home away from home again!

I just had a new realization! I have to get a bigger car! Like my car is not already huge enough..I have to get a van......waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! There is no way the back seat can fit 3 car seats! Ziad will be a bit over 7 when the baby is born, but he will still be in a booster seat, and of course it takes a lot of room! He will not be out of the booster seat until he is 8! Bilal will be 4.5...I am not sure if I will keep him his 5point car is already getting small on him, maybe if Bilal is in a booster seat which is alot skinnier than his chuncky car seat...we maybe be able to fit the baby in the car..ah who am I kidding, we have to get a van! waaaaaaahhhhhh...I already find my accord huge how am I supposed to dive a huge van! I am too tiny for a van!

I have a feeling this baby is a girl....I keep on refering to the baby as a her, she, so maybe! I am so going to find out during the ultra sound at I think twenty weeks. I will not be able to wait until birth..if it is a girl I will need a lot more time buying clothes...although for the first 6 months she ...see here I go again...refering to the baby as a she..Ok I will not talk about it...inshallah it will be a healthy cute baby...if it is khair for us to have a girl then be it, and if is better for us to have a boy then it will be great...inshallah a good healthy baby who will grow up into a good person...and please do not let the baby have hubby's nose!


Falastini Hurr said...

I am saying our LOUD.

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Simple Me said...

haha.. the last sentence was funny :$ !!

mr.anonymous said...

mabrook il pregnancy! may ur family expand with happiness and good days to come.

don't worry about the car, the accord is an excellent family saloon,and if its a van you want,I think you could easily replace ur accord as vans are in the same price range (like the town&country).

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Good luck.. and teh most impotant thing is that the baby is in good health.. and im excited to know abt babies so i can be ready when we want to have one! :)

Sam said...

falastini yeh keep on saying it outloud...

dima...yeh well 7aram :)

mr anon...i tried and tried and my accord will not fit 3 carseats...unless i am a bad mommy and take ziad out of a booster seat...but i cant do a van it is !

mr alramanhi...thank u...yeh inshallah u will know all there is to know about pregnancies when i am done complaining..u probably will not want to get pregnant:)