Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is getting cold here...not heavy jacket cold...but I have to put away my short sleeve shirt, Capri's and tank tops...and get out my fall clothes..

Hubby and I have been debating turning the furnace on or just feels silly turning it on in early October no???

After a winter in Amman though I can take all the cold in the world....Why is it that when the temperature is in the single digits in Canada I am able to just wear a regular PJ and not freeze, while in Amman at the same temperature I was freezing and could see my breath when going to a room that didn't have a soba and I was dressed with few layers of clothes...weird eh?

I guess this is it...summer is really gone..I have been in denial still wearing my sandals but yesterday my feet froze and made me crampy so I had to go and put my boots on...waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh and yesterday I switched the clothes in my closet..the long sleeves went into the easily accessible area, the sweaters right behind them..and all my cute summer clothes went into the harder to reach side of my walk in closet....although I do not see the point of this, none of those clothes fit or they will not fit for long....the good news is that I will be going shopping next week while the kids are in school, so I am not too sad...who wants to wear last winter`s clothes anyways.....


Dino$ said...

HappY shopping :)

Batoula said...

ukh its getting cold here too.. I'm so extremely bareedeh. I will be in Tornto Thursday to Sunday, I hope its not colder :S

I think in Amman you feel colder because of the different types of housing?


Sam said...

dino$ thanks:)

batoul it is supposed to be nice this week..up to 20 this week and sunny...hey we should get together while u r here!