Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is hubby's niece's wedding....I am so sad that we can not be there....but who gets married in is all hubby's fault! They wanted to take it slow..get to know each other better and all...but noooooooooo he pushed them to hurry up and do the fate7a and then kateb ktab..why wait he said...well if they waited a bit the wedding would have been in the summer and we would have been able to husband and his big mouth!!

Anyways, I am so happy for them...I hope they have/are having a great wedding day and a great life together!

I wish we were there...but for so many reasons we can not go to Amman now...first the kid's school ,my growing belly, and hubby's work...(he barley worked in Ramadan it is a miracle he was not fired!) so now he has a lot of work to catch up on....

And seriously have you seen maternity formal wear?? Not very nice..although I think my brother will force me to go shopping for a formal dress when I am 8 months pregnant! I think I am going to hate my brother and his future wife when I am looking at their engagement party pictures!! But if I keep on going to the gym, and not gain more than 10more lb I think I will not hate them so much...


hamede said...


Qwaider قويدر said...

Allah ywaffi2hom
Alf mabrook

Sam said...

allay ybarik feekom:)

Anonymous said...


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