Sunday, December 14, 2008

fa la la la la laa laaaaaaaaaaaa

Why is this song always on my mind! I hate it...

Anyways I have nothing to blog about...unless you want to hear about how ya haram poor me can not sleep it is hard to get comfy on any position while sleeping...why isn't there anything on good on TV at 4 am?? Not on Arabic or cable..*sigh*

This is the last week before Christmas break...the last week I can go to the gym without having to leave hubby and the kids home making a mess...I have to do all my shopping this week including finding shoes that are cute but not too high heeled to wear next to the outlet mall I go on Tuesday, it is my only hope! or else I will have to borrow my mom's shoes...I am a size 7 and she is a not happening! I just realized that I have no low healed shoes...other than sneakers and very casual stuff..but I can not wear those to a party can I...I am only 5'1.5 so of course I only have the highest heals they make when it comes to dress shoes...*sigh* there were all those cute dressy flip floppy type shoes all over the mall all summer long..I wish I knew I would be needing one of those in December...o not fret..I am sure will find something at Dixie mall!

OK back to fa la la laaaaaaa la laaaaaaaaaaaa and back to my not so comfy bed to get few more hours of much needed sleep..


kinzi said...

Hella Ya Sam...I thought you were up early!!!

Ah, two dilemmas...stuck in the head Christmas choruses and big feet when preggers. Fun to read your rambles again, and I am glad, tho a little jealous, you are SO warm!!!

KJ said...

Can't wait for Christmas break too... while we only get one day off on the 25th, we'd do anything to NOT go to work for one day!

Anonymous said...

t'is the season to be jolly, falalala lala la la!

Good luck shoe shopping. I on the other hand, have to find the highest heel ever for my friends wedding (this Friday) because im short and my dress is long lol. story of my life!

Sam said...

kinzi no not me...i am never up early at 5am unless i have a flight to catch...and yeh very warm...but cold outside...nothing compared to saskatoon so all i can say is alhamdoullah:)

KJ 7aram just one day..some companies only give 2 days one for xmas and one for new year..why could hubby worked at one of those companies...all three boys at home all day long for a week will drive me up the wall..

batoul it was so hard shoe shopping..i went to the outlet mall and OMG they have the nicest shoes ever...i was about to die because i could not buy the cute high high heels...but i did find a cute pair of shoes that matches my dress not too high...but i can still wear it later with in the summer..and i found a cute pair of flat shoes..i never wear flat shoes..and the best thing is they had buy one get one i got another pair of shoes...i am so happy..i try them on few times a day...i know i am weird:)