Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mall madness...

I have made a vow not to even drive on streets that have a mall on them...it is crazy out there!!

Yesterday the kids and I decided it will be fun to mall walk...since I have put my gym membership on hold..and it is too cold and too slippery to walk outside...mall walking would be a good alternative...yeh right!!

We were in Burlington and decided we will go to the mall in Mississauga...the highway was too busy so we took the long way to get to Mississauga...thirty minutes later we are at the mall...but alas...there is no parking! I always part on the same side of the mall....and that parking is usually not that busy...but yesterday it was full.....we went all around the mall trying to find a small tiny spot for our car...no way...and then we thought if the parking lot is this full...it will be even more crazy inside so we went home...but our trip was not for nothing...there is an Arabic store close the mall , and we are out of pita bread...so our trip to Mississauga was not for nothing...

I guess we will start mall walking on the 27th...when malls are back to normal...why do people wait until the last minute to start shopping?? I guess it was pretty bad around eid in Amman as well eh?? It has been a year so I can not remember now...I will mark my calendar for next year to avoid going to the mall and other shopping centers from December 20-27!

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