Monday, April 2, 2007

my first tag!

Thank you 7aki fadi for tagging me! :p

so here goes :)

1. If there was a fire at your house and you could save only one thing (item)
what would that be?

I do not know…I do not even want to think about it…few months ago the fire
alarm went off in my building and holly crap. I was working on potty
training my son and he was naked and it was –40 degrees out. How the heck
was supposed to dress my baby in his clothes, snow suite and all the
required clothes for the damned cold. Thankfully the fire alarm stopped
after a minute, false alarm! Needless to say my son is still in diapers
until the warm weather comes and we are able to potty train.
Ok back to what I would save, if it were during that cold time I’d grab
everything from our coat closet and warm clothes to put the kids in. If it
were summer I would save my purse, because I’d be lost without my ID’s and
credit cards :)

2. What is the most embarrassing situation you have been in?

This was
pretty embarrassing. You should have seen how red my face was.
But even more embarrassing was when I was in grade 2 in Lebanon and we
were in the middle of a test in English class and I had to go pee. I asked the
teacher and he yelled at me and said that I had to wait after the
test. Well I was 6/7 and I really had to go, I could not hold it so I peed in
my pants. I lived far away from school, so I had to go my uncle’s home,
walking in my wet pant and borrow my chubby cousin’s clothes that were 3
sizes bigger than me. Now that was super embarrassing!!!!!

3. If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change?

I would not really want to do anything over. Everything that happened in my life
taught me a lot and made me more understanding. Ok maybe not, if I could have my
son back to being a baby and not speaking any English with him at all like I see
a lot of parents do with their kids, I would have saved myself a lot of hearing
my husband’s na’na’(whine)

ok I guess I tag nido,maioush and Summer


7aki Fadi said...

Hey, thanks for answering :)

OMG, I hated living in an apartment building because of the fire alarm, we lived there for 2 years and it kept going on at the most inconvenient times. BUT BUT BUT, Toronto firemen were HOT, totally worth it :).

Poor Sam, I think from all the ones I read your’s is totally tottally embarrassing, were you mortified? God I hate teachers, it seems most people have traumatizing experiences at school.

Sam said...

the mississauga ones werent so hot..I was exited about the fire once and it was such a dissappointment!!!
o well it is ok, it happened over 20yrs way over it now:) and u know karma...he will get it one day..if he has not already...besides it was an all girl would have been 1000000000000000000000000x more embarrassing if there were boys in my class:)

Summer said...

Thanks!! just saw your will have to wait because i am working on another tag that will be on my blog today inshallah!! and you will be tagged too..also 7ai fadi is going to be tag is kind of deep!! :)