Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring is here, it is really here! 3an jad!

Ok so the grass is still brown and the trees are just twigs and there are no flower in sight...but for the first day in months I have gone out without a coat, without putting mitts and hats on the boys ...just put shoes on go! I felt so light! But now that I do not have my jacket hiding the few lb I have gained over what has got to be the worst and longest winter in the history of the few years I have been alive...I even heard birds singing when I got up this morning! Yay!

Yesterday it reached +20, a big change from the -20 we have been having for soo long! The kids and I went out for a walk to the grocery store, a nice 15min walk. Hubby picked us up and we went to the park. What a difference from last summer, the kids are really growing up. The two of them were on the big kid swing, but of course bolbol had to eventually go on the baby swing because I wanted a turn. It was so nice playing with the kids. Last year I had to walk with bolbol on the play set and would not let him go down the tall slide, this year I just stood on the side and was with him only when we had a sliding race. *Sniff, sniff* my baby is growing up.

Today wasn't that nice, we were planning on going to the tiny Saskatoon Zoo, but hubby decided to shampoo the carpet, so the kids and I went shopping.

Ok seriously this bad, I came on my computer with a purpose right now. I was planning on doing my assignment. I had it all planned out at night, I even got up and got some paper and wrote down my points and I just have to elaborate on them to make a 750 word essay about a woman who goes through midlife crises and eventually commits a suicide, now I have lots to say about it but I just do not feel like it…and those damned taxes, hubby keeps on reminding me to do them, like I have forgot, they are haunting me, damned procrastination, it is not fun anymore


Maioush said...

glad you went out with the kids today Sam, and good lck losing those extra few lb's for this summer :) ... i';; support you all the way... go Sam go ...

Sam said...

Thanks maioush:) u r a sweety!

7aki Fadi said...

It's not spring, it's just cruel joke nature likes to play on us, mooo? Give you hope for 1 day and then yank it like yanking a rug from under your feet (&*^*&$%&$U^$%&I*

Swiiinnnggggggg, I love it, I make my hubs push daughter on the swing so I can go to the big kids swing and I swing as high as I can...LOVE IT, I do it every time and I do not care who is watching , the buety of Canada, nobody cares, eh?...but you are right daughter is growing up too too fast for my liking *double sniff*

As for taxes, man you gotta hurry you only have 9 business days left??!!!

Sam said...

7aki fadi swinging is so much fun...i cant wait untill zozo is old enough to swing high so we have a swining race..
i know i finished my assignment last night and im about to email it..and I will have the taxes done by wednesday morning..this year i had every intention to start early..bas things happen