Saturday, April 28, 2007

face book

Wow is it ever addictive. Like I need one more thing to be addicted to eh?

I found few of my friends, but the ones that I have really been wanting to get in touch with are not on face book : '(

I am so sad that my best friend is not on there. I have been trying to find her for a year now. I know, I know, how do you lose a best friend. Well I lost my best friend and I really want her back.

We met grade 7. At first I hated her. She said something mean to me. I was wearing a skirt with panty hose. And she pointed out that I have leg hair sticking out of the panty hose. O how I hated her that day! How dare she points that out. We met again on my first day of high school and we became best friends, we shared a lot of happy and sad times together. She was there for me during 2 horrible engagements, and through few break-ups, and was there to listen to me vent about my parents, sister and brothers, and life in general. She always pointed out who was checking me out when we were together, it was cute, it was annoying then though.

And now I lost her :o( I wish I can find her, I am not sure if she is still in Canada. Last time we spoke she was in a long distance relationship with someone in London, England. Maybe they got married and she moved there. Damn it. I wonder if she is looking for me too.

*Sniff, sniff*

I want my best friend back.........waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...


Maioush said...

OOOOOOOH Sam.. I’m sorry to hear that you miss your best friend, well, I lost my best friend when I moved to the states :( .. we are still in touch, but you know how things change when you are far.. she got married last month, I was suppose to be in the wedding but things didn’t go as I wanted it to be… inshalla you’ll find her one day, you never know.. believe me.. this world is waaaaaaaaaaay smaller that we think it is :) ..

MQabbani said...


take it easy ,its hard to lose friend and when BEST , this is the problem !!

well if u were in jordan i can help but CA and UK hmmm i dont know much ppl there ;)

and life goes on... said...

My best friend in 7th grade is lost too, i've been looking for her ever since we had the internet connected to our home. And not even on facebook I can find her! It feels so disappointing! She left to Poland when we were young, and now I cant find her anymore :S

Abu 7amarneh said...

facebook is cool! I found people I never expected to get in touch with them again

The Observer said...

I love the facebook too. I have different best friends at different times :P. I found my best friend at my 1st grade at school, but it has been a very long time so I didnt add him.

I have my current best friends added. Still searching for my high school best friend, I miss her :P

Good luck in your search...

Qwaider قويدر said...

I hate facebook! It sucks! It's such a drain of time! And it's evil!

Yet, I keep popping there from time to time! :(

Who-sane said...

I feel you Sam, it's hard!

My best friend is not a techy person, English and the internet are way out of his league. So I know I've lost him forever. I'm planning to seriously look for him next time I'm in Amman :( ...

Sam said...

maioush yeh i read about your friend..that is sad u were not able to attend the wedding:) my mom met her highschool friend when we came to canada...20 years after not seeing each yeh u never know:)

mqbaani, yeh it is hard..o well inshallah khair:)

dima inshallah u will find your friend soon:)

abu 7amraneh..i hope i find more people soon too:)

the observor u r lucky..i would never dream of finding my best friends in lebanon..i wish at least one of them are is in facebook..

Qwaider it is evil...every little while i think of someone and go searching for far i only have people im still in touch with as my friends on face book..:)

who-sane i hope u find your friend as sucks when u lose touch and then later u realize that u miss them..

7aki Fadi said...

Facebook is the epitome of evil addiction. Addictive and makes the world even smaller, you would be thousands of miles away from people and know everything they are doing.

Sorry to hear about your friend sweetie, do you have her parents number or can you look them up? Call them and ask for her information, I mean if you really really really want to find her I am sure you can find a way :)

redrose said...

Old friends..I love my old friends..but do you know what dear Sam..sometimes it is disappointing to meet your old friends, when their way of thinking differ than you, looking to many things in different ways. So it might be hard not lovely always and you wanna keep the old image in your mind :( I mean sometimes it could happen not always.

I wish that you can reconnect with all your old lovely friends :)

Summer said...

Sam, i think this is a record for have not blogged in almost three days!! hope all is going well for you and your family.
Take Care!

Sam said...

7aki her parents changed their phone number:( and she has 2 brothers but none is listed on the phone book, well at least not in hamilton..o well..

redrose...actually the reason we drifted apart is the first place is the fact that our interests changed, i was a wife, then a mother and she was still in the dating, single life for over 7yrs...but still..i would really like for us to be friends old times...well not exactly but close:)

summer, hubby was not working this we went out alot and not much computer time:)