Sunday, April 1, 2007

panick, panick, panick

Today my husband woke up to his usual saturday angry whine. "What are we going to do about this?" "what is your solution to zozo and bolbol not speaking arabic like an arab"
I want to invent something for my husband that prevents him from talking before drinking his morning coffee and his smoke. Such a nice guy other a big monster on saturday morning before his coffee and smoke! I should have stuck to my I will never marry a smoker plan, why did my hubby have to be so freakin cute and so sweet...o well what is done is done, I guess having to live with his pre smoke mood is not too bad...considering all this other great traits. I really dread Ramadan for this reason, OMG do not talk to him, do not look at him, get out of his way, well at least for the first week.

Ok so enough about hubby, and back to the point of my post. Our solution to this problem is to move to Jordan. I guess living in Jordan for one year is worth it if I never hear this arab/move to Jordan weekly whine.

Since hubby can not work in Jordan, and most of the arabic countries the kids and I will move to Jordan, while he stays here.

His sister has a mission to find us a rental apartment very close to my mother in law's house, a shagalah, and a car! Me drive in Jordan, OMG!

Right now my biggest worry is buying clothes for the kids, in Sept they will need a whole wardrobe. It is so annoying how kids grow so fast. I want to go to the mall, I hope they still have winter clothes still! clothes are so expensive in Amman, it is outrageous! I will have to buy enough clothes and shoes for me, I will not buy a pair of shoes for 250-300JD! Damn, those shoes were not even that nice! I love shopping in Canada.

Now problem#2, I have to find a hair dresser....I do not want another hair disaster! I cut my hair every 6-8wks.

Problem#3 GYM! I have to find a gym close to where we will be living. I am thinking gyms with daycare are not plentiful eh? But I will have a shagalah..this is the only reason I will want a helper.

Ok I have a million problems to post about our move I will post them later, I gotta go shopping now before the mall closes. But at least we finally established that I will not live with my mother in law! So at least this is not an issue anymore.


Omar said...

I guess you're serious about moving there eh.

Yalla, it will be very beneficial for the kids. Nothing beats Arabic TV especially musalsalat. So learning the language will give them the enjoyment of endless Ramadan programming, and lots of musalsalat, and of course a pleasant saturday morning ;)

7aki Fadi said...

3anjad ya3ni you are leaving :(.

We have the same problem with my daughter in regards to speaking Arabic.

Ah to have a maid would be heaven on earth.

Now for the hair dresser isma3y ruddy 3alaieh, salon 3emad in 3abdoun, he is great.

Where did you see a 300 dinar pair of shoes? waaaaaalllllllllll.

You should blog about your Amman adventures; you will have a pc there, right? But living without hubs is hard bas 3anjad thank God your are not living with your in-laws 3ashan they say “good fences make good neighbors” , moo?

7aki Fadi said...

And by the way, I laughed at how you described your husband in the beginning

nido said...

Great Idea! I have this cousin, he had the same problem with his daughter here, and she used to be a monster! so he sent her for a whole year to his mother's house, away from him and her mom, and she came back here speaking Arabic fluently! I can't wait to here about your days there,,,when are you guys moving?! September?!

Sam said...

Omar..u know what i didnt think about , i've never spent a ramadan in an arabic where i was fasting of it will be nice!!

7aki fadi i will check our your hair dresser..but if he ruins my hair i will come back to canada and kill u:)
and those shoes were in swafiya ...i was shocked when i saw how much they cost and asked if they cost this much because they have some gold and diamond on them...they really did not look any nicer than my $70CAD shoes i bought from aldo's just few weeks earlier..
i'll be going to hamilton in july..we'll have to get together for coffee or something then..

Nido i think we set a date for the beggining of husband's neice's wedding is on aug10 so it will be nice to be there:)

i will be blogging about it for sure...i will buy a laptop before i leave..and we will have to get highspeed internet because we want to use vonage..otherwise we'd be poor from calling my husband and my parents and my friends in canada

Maioush said...

Well Sam, we have the same problem with my little brother, we speak to him in Arabic and responds back in English, you know.. for us as long as he understands that’s fine, he tries to speak Arabic every time we talk to grandma.. he doing a good job actually, or else if you want them to read and write; you can look for an Arabic school for weekends, because my mom and little brother lived in Amman for 2 years, within 1 month he was back to English like nothing happened, but hey.. good luck with that :)
As for the hair dresser.. in Amman they are MUCH MUCH MUCH better that Canada and USA, so that is not a problem I guess :D
Good luck in Amman Sam.. I wish I can go too…

Sam said...

maioush...didnt u read my hair post?? *lol* the problem is not they are good or is that they do whatever they want with no regards to what YOU is my hair not his hair for god's sake! i just stopped ad3ee 3ala this tarek guy that cut my hair last summer:)
maybe u can go instead of no like living anywhere other than my habibti canada..namly the greater toronto area!:(

kinzi said...

Sam, wow! You are REALLY going to do it! I can't wait to meet you!

WOW! I have a GREAT hairdresser, she's Romanian and does exactly what you want for 5JD.

Bring clothes with you from Canada. I almost never buy clothes in Jordan.

How is your husband going to cope w/o you? :D

Sam said...

Kinzi i do i can not beleive it..yeh i cant wait to meet u too!!
I will have to check your hair dresser out...:)
i went out yesterday and shopped untill i droped...i bought 3 heavy bags of clothes..thankfully sears and children place still has winter clothes!i still have to check old navy...i wish we had a gymbori(sp?)in the time I am in toronto all the winter stuff will be gone for sure
i still cant not imagine how winter will be in jordan and what i will need to get..i hate how homes do no have central heat:(

Anonymous said...

Its funny reading you blog, I went through the same thing four years ago. I dont know how long ago you have visited Amman but in the last four years it has changed.
for the first two years I didnt buy anything for my kids or myself. We brought everthing with us(including a gas dryer), so we were stocked up. But i would not worry about that now since there are stores in Mecca mall that have reasonable,and I used to be a bargain shopper in a America I loved to go to sales. We have a nine west and an aldo here now.
If your really think of comimg here try tobring all you electrial product from there. Here they are to expensive and cheap quailty.
And it will be hard on you without your husband,even though it seems alot of people are doing that, I know so many people where the wife and kids are here and the husband it overseas working. My husband goes back and forth every few months and it is not easy so much respondsbilty.
I was so against coming to live here i grow up in America I kept telling my husband that you are taking us to live in a third world country, now i actually like it eventhough it does not have all the advantages of say America.

Sam said...

Anon, that is true I am in the same boat as you, and it is will be hard without my husband..i mean it was hard for me living without him in toronto and everything is easy for me there...but this will be a challenge...!:) thanks for dropping by..if u have any advice for me please feel free to email me...:)