Thursday, April 19, 2007


After getting Lazik a month ago one of my eyes was red. Not normal eye red but blood in the eye red, I know ewwwwwwwwwww! It had to happen to me, ya3ni five other people had the surgery at the same time, and their eyes came out white but not mine. Anyways alhamdoullah, it did not hurt; it just looked freaky! Slowly the redness went down shwai shwai and now a month later my eye is as white as white milk? Well, with the brownish circle in the middle of course.

One day I stupidly researched the red in the eye after online. Note to self, never ever search online for medical stuff! There was a question posted about the flab getting dislodged :o That freaked me out; I did not even read the answer. When I went to see my eye doctor (who is a hottie!) to check that everything is in order with my eyes I asked him about this.

Me: I was reading on line that the flab might get dislodged, is that true?

Doc: well it is very rare, I’ve only seen it happening twice, but it was caused by a sever trauma to the eye, one guy was playing hockey and the hockey buck hit his eye, and he other had something to do with a dog’s nose

Me: *in shock* so it is true!

I went home and I was super paranoid, no one was allowed near my eyes. So the next week I went in to the my doctor again to check my eyes and I aske him about this again

Me: so let’s say the something happens and the flab does get dislodged, how does it look like, so I know what to look for.

Doc: *annoyed* the flab is stuck to your eye, it will not come off, it is stuck there, for it to come out you have to get a knife and cut it!

Me: o ok, so if someone accidentally hit my eye, it will not come off.

Doc: No it will not, it is stuck to your eye.

Me: OK, now that is the answer I am looking for, thank you

Well why did he not just give me this answer the week before, making me all paranoid. I am trying not to think about. And well I am safe, I do not play hockey and from now on will never go to a hockey game (unless my sons decide to play it, but by then I’ll be over this flab dislodging paranoia inshallah). I do not own a dog, and I am terrified of dogs so no dog’s nose is coming near my eyes or me.


Bo3Bo3 said...

Thats what u canadian get for watching hockey. LOOOL....hope it feel better

Sam said...

bo3bo3 no not not a hockey hoping my kids will turn out like their dad and will want to play soccer..hubby will die if either of our boys play american football...that will be the end of him:)

Maioush said...

yeeeeeeee Sam.. you got red eye after lazic? i was thinkink about having the same thing, but i'm kind of scared a bit, i have no idea how many days should i take off, or for how long should i take drops, soem people said that i have to keeo using it for the whole year!!!
so you are doing fine now?

Sam said...

maioush did u read my post about tears the other day...the procedure was so easy..i just felt uncomfortable the first few hours after..i just went home and slept for 5hrs...other than that my eyes were normal after...and i had the red took 2wks to not look too bad..and 2 more weeks to completly go away..and yeh my eyes are dry..i have to put drops in 4x a day..bas they are getting better..i cut onions yesterday and my eyes cried a bit! so tears are coming back:)

Leilouta said...

Selemtik :)

MQabbani said...

Salamt ..

and tell me about search online , med stuff some times make u sick and u feel like 100% healthy

Keep smile up :)

Sam said...

mqabbani...yeh med stuff online just makes u more anxious...:) thanks for stopping by:)