Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Dream

I usually do not like to share my dreams; you know the real dream that you have at night while sleeping.

But I have posted about procrastination few times already and like some of you know I am the procrastination Queen with a capital Q.

In my dream I was paying for procrastination. I was in Toronto at my parent’s house, my bags all packed to go to Jordan. Then a friend of mine comes over and she looks at me and says wow you have gained a lot of weight, haven’t you. So of course I felt fat, and was annoyed at myself for not losing those 10lb before I go to Jordan. So I guess this is hint hint #1to exercise a bit more, and no cheating except on Saturdays

Then in my dream I realize that I have not packed any skirts, all the clothes in my bag are winter cloths. But there is no time to go out shopping because it was 2pm and my flight was at 3pm. I guess this is a reminder that I need to do some shopping and not wait until I lose the weight.

Then in my dream I realize that I have not recharged my MP3 player. I am panicking what am I going to listen to on the plane. But really my mind was telling me to recharge my MP3 player because I cannot workout at the gym without it.

And at the last minute I realize that my passport is expired, why, why did I procrastinate. I was so mad at myself. In reality I do have to renew it ASAP. It expired in March. So I have to go take a picture, sent it along with the application our friend to sign it and then head to the passport office to get my new passport. I hope the passport office is not as busy as it was last month when the you need a passport to cross the boarder came in affect.

I do not want my dream to come true, so I have to resign my position as a procrastination queen soon!


7aki Fadi said...

wow, talk about a stressfull dream!

Last night I was dreaming that I missed the train over and over and over.

Summer said...

Now you know what you have to do before you travel!! you made the list in your mind and it became clear in your dream....write down your list and start executing it line by line!! be firm in going through it and do not postpone a have few more months before you move, there is a lot to do but i am sure you will do it!! You will lose the extra ten pounds in no time , do not stress too much about it, and if i were you, i would not even cheat on Saturdays!!
May I suggest that you give up the title "procrastination Queen" it is not going to help you to get forward with your plans...Best of luck!

MQabbani said...

well nothing more than what Summer say :)