Thursday, April 26, 2007

can not think of a title.

I just remembered this and wanted to share it, if my son reads this when he gets older he will not be too happy. But he is only 5.5yo now and could careless.

In the summer we take lots of road trips around the province. Right now we are living in western Canada, close to the Rockies so we like to take advantage of that and we drive to the mountains as much as we can. Once you are out of the cities here, you are in the middle of nowhere for quit sometime. Especially while driving in the mountains. This means that if one needs to use the bathroom, it is too bad one has to wait. But you cannot expect a then four years old to hold it for hours. So we would park the car on the side of road and let Zozo do his business.

I wanted to emphasize to Zozo that he could only do this while we are driving in the middle of nowhere. If we are in the city he will have to hold it until we got home or to wherever we going to use the bathroom. Hubby would jump in and say ma tidakhali it is a man thing, and when the boy has to go he has to go no matter where he is, he should not hold it. Then start with his I am older therefore I know better speech.
Next life I am marrying a younger man!

Fast forward to July of last year, we were in Amman. Hubby, the kids, my sister in law and I were at Mecca mall. We walked around, did some shopping and left the mall. We were waiting for my sister in law’s car to come outside the mall, when zozo decided he needed to go peepee. I guess he remembered his daddy’s words, the kid can pee wherever he want to, he should not hold it blah blah blah *shaking head and rolling eyes at hubby*. He pulled his shorts down and did his business. He was four years old; he was told he could do it anywhere as long as he was outside, and we were outside the mall. So really it is not his fault, it is hubby’s fault!

It was so embarrassing; I wanted to crawl under a rock. Poor zozo didn’t know why everyone was laughing. Hubby learned that he should watch what he says our son, and that wifey (me) was right like always! So I had to go back and explain that we only pee in the bathroom because we are human not animals, and the only exception is when we are in the middle of nowhere with no bathrooms around. Now Zozo knows better, and I guess so does hubby. MEN!!!!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh come on ... there's nothing cuter than a little kid attempting to do that!

Last vacation in Amman one of the little boys in the family and a little girl were playing and running... etc
Then the boy felt that he had to go .. we were at the farm so he ran outside .. pulled down his pants .. and started watering the Jasmine shrub .. the little girl .. ran behind him ... stood next to him .. pulled down her pants and ...... you know the rest :)

Ahhh... if we can just go back to innocence!

7aki Fadi said...


you reminded me of a story, once a bunch of us went to an ice-cream store with a friend and her 3.5 year old son. All of a sudden the boy went outside dropped his pants and peed on the sidewalk. We could not stop laughing, well I the mom was not happy, but at least he did not pee his pants