Thursday, April 12, 2007

I won, I won, nay nanay nanay neeeeeeeeey

I really hate placing bids on Ebay because I get too anxious while waiting to see if I win or not. So I only buy things if they have the buy now option. But today after looking all over for a leapster Pencil learn to write all over the stores and online stores in Canada, I decided to place a bid. I told zozo that I am not getting him any more cartridges khlas he has six now, that is more than enough these thing are expensive. This morning he comes to me and says

“Baba gave me money to throw in the wishing fountain at the mall yesterday and I wished for pencil learn to draw game for my Leapster, I hope my wish comes true soon, how long to you think it takes, I put lots of money not just one because I really want it to come true fast”

How can you say no to that?? So after giving up on finding it in Canada I placed a bid on Ebay, and his wish did come true! I hardly ever win any bids :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Mabrook... don't become an addict

Maioush said...

hehehe Sam.. That is so sweet, see kids wishes always comes true, can I borrow your ZOZO for some of my wishes please LOOOOOL :D

Sam said...

qwaider, nah, i have no patience for waiting while the stuff i buy are in the no fear of it becoming an addictions..because i have way too many already.:)

maioush sure u can borrow zozo, he is getting alot better at making wishes and guilting people into making them come true..

7aki Fadi said...


Who-sane said...

mabrook sam! :-)