Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Home sweet home!

We got back home last night; we had a good time in Edmonton.
We left on Sunday morning, hubby wanted to leave at 9:00 am…hahahhahahahahah, yeh right…I had to pack, dress the boys, get them breakfast, have my breakfast, take a shower, do my hair, makeup, get dressed, make sure the apartment is tidy enough, I really hate coming home to a messy home. Now I do not know, but I think I did great, I woke up at 8:30 and was 100% ready to go by 11:00am!

Our drive was eventless, we chitchatted, I read a book “pride and Prejudice”, which I am loving so far and do not mind writing few essays on it. We stopped for coffee and smoke four times! I had four cups of coffee in seven hours! But it was ok; I like stopping at rest stops here and there. We got to Edmonton at 8:00 and were so bad, the sun was in our eyes and we could not see a thing so we got lost. We finally made it to the hotel and I have to say I made a booboo!! The hotel sucked!!!! We like nice hotels, with nice room, but this one was sucky, we wanted to leave but then decided it is not worth it and since we will be out all day next day and leaving the day after we decided to suck it up and stay. Next time I will do more research before booking the hotel!

We went to Edmonton mall the next day, but not before driving all over Edmonton because we got lost. The first time we ever really need the GPS and we leave it home! Thankfully it was hubby’s fault this time. Hubby lived in Edmonton for five months you would think he knows his way around but he doesn’t! we finally make it to the north, went to an Arabic bakery and got manakeesh for breakfast. I found an Islamic store beside the bakery so while hubby bought manakeesh I went in and bought a 3abaya, I have wanted one for a while but have been too scared to order one online. Anyways so we finally make it to Edmonton mall, and I was in shopping heaven! Hubby and zozo went to the play area, which is huge! Bolbol was sleeping in the stroller and I had the whole mall to myself. I have been shopping at Saskatoon’s tiny malls for a while so I loved being in a huge mall! I shopped until I dropped, for five hours I was shopping while hubby and zozo played. I walked through the whole mall, and it is a huge mall, my feet were about to fall out when I was done. I could not buy any clothes for me, since I was feeling fat and I would have cried if I tried anything on, but I did buy two pairs of summer shoes, clothes for the kids, and I even got a great deal on kids shoes I bought two kids winter shoes for $14, now that is a deal! After shopping and playing we met up with friends and had dinner together and off to bed at 12am.

The next day we checkout, the first time we are ever out of the hotel by 10am, we are usually still getting ready to leave by 11:00. We went to the Arabic food store, and bought all the Arabic foods we do not find here in Saskatoon. And once we were done I have a dumb moment! There is an Arabic sweets store next to the Arabic grocery store, so I asked hubby to see if they have mamoul madd, YUMMMY! So of he goes and I decided to throw some of the garbage in the car out. And I grab the keys just in case zozo decides to try driving the car. While my hand is in the garbage can getting ready to throw the stuff away hubby come out and yells SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM….so I got startled and I threw everything out of my hand, yes including the keys! I tell hubby I think I threw the keys out, but all he cared about is whether I wanted the mad with dates or walnuts. I say walnuts but the keys are in the garbage, we’ll deal with it later he says. But I am trying to get them out of the garbage when a nice Sudanese guy passes by and asks what is wrong. I tell him about my keys and he helps me open the garbage can, which is closed very good to keep the homeless people to go into them. Finally he get it open and take the garbage bag out, and thankfully it is almost empty except for few Tim Horton’s cups and the stuff I threw out and of course my keys. So I get them and when hubby come out he asks are the key in the garbage and I say nope they are in my pocket. So phew! That was the end of that; I do not have to live with the teasing for few months or maybe years. Remember the day you threw the keys in the garbage? Well thanks to those nice guys I will not be hearing thatJ

Our drive back was very tiring, it felt so much longer than the drive to Edmonton and my back was so tired. I was glad to finally get home. But we bought so much bread; some of them did not fit in the freezer,I spent an hour organizing the freezer over and over, we can not buy iceceam for a while now!

Now I have to start planning for our next trip to Vancouver, and booking hotels along the way.


and life goes on... said...

woow!! this sounds like so much fun, taking vacations and days off are always healthy... they break the rouinte and give you a positive push to get back to where you stopped but with a smile on the face appreciating what you have and what you had :)

7aki Fadi said...

7amdillah 3ala ilsalameh.

Good your freezer won't fit any ice cream, help your dieting, no? unless you have ot eat all that bread to make room…lol

nido said...

No matter how tired you are, I know you are so happy having a freezer full of Arabi bread:D Hamdilla 3asalamitkom ou salamit the keys!! hehehe... and welcome back home!! I love vacationnnns!

Sam said...

life goes on: yeh it was so much fun..not too relaxing..but i did something i love..i shopped for 5hrs straight without kids and husband whinning:)

7aki fadi will be great for my diet, no icecream..i only have enough room in my freezer for popsicles..and these do not call me to eat them:)

nido thank you...and thank for the 7amdellah 3ala salamet my keys...i felt like one of those homeless people looking in the trash..i know how they feel is very embarrassing! but i found the keys..i was jumping up and down from joy..:)

Summer said...

El7amdulillah 3ala esslameh!
sounds like a fun trip! i would do the same on my trips back to Chicago, i go to the mall almost four times a week for hours at a time!! God...I miss shopping! i can never learn how to shop in the middle east!

Qwaider قويدر said...

WOW!! that's such a long article, the drive back is always the most tiring part of any road trip. But I'm sure the trips to the Arabic Bakery made it all worthwhile :)

Oh let me not forget the "shop-till-you-drop" mall :) In these cold parts of the world, malls make so much sense...

Yalla sa7tain .. and stay safe and hopefully next vacation would be an even more enjoyable one

Maioush said...

wow sam... i'm glad you came nback home safe and sound :)
7amdella 3ala el slameh :D

Sam said...

summer yeh shopping here is alot better.:)

Qwaider u know me..i love to talk! yup the trip to the bakery was so worth it..yum yum yum!
and mall...i do not know how the pioneers lived in canada and the US without them!!!

Maioush thank u:)