Friday, April 27, 2007

bye bye winter!

It is official, winter is over!

Not even one bit of snow is left.

I just cleared out our closet of winter clothes and hung up our summer clothes. So if the cold decides to come it is too bad for it, because we only have summer clothes out:)

I have 4 garbage bags full of clothes to give away, I hope the diabetes association come pick them up soon, I am running out of room.

yippy, I love spring/summer. I do not mine fall, but it the season that leads to winter so I do not love it.

I guess I would not mind winter if it was not the longest season in Canada. It is especially long and hard in Saskatoon.

I have been house bound for so long, it is taking me a while to get used to going out again. :o(

Ok no real reason for this post, excpet to tell the world that I am soooooooooo glad winter is over!


MQabbani said...


i love winter more ..

nido said...

I prefer winter...but when it's too cold, like the way you describe it in Canada, I'd rather have summer all year around:)
Hapyy Summer:D

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i love all seasons :) especially when i have new clothes to wear on every season..hehe

Maioush said...

I’ve been away for the past couple of days to come back to see you changing the look of your blog, your all oink now, how cuuuuuuuuuute, now you have your own pink corner as well, that is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D
Winter is over,,,, I’m so hally for you, I can’t com[lain about winter in California, it’s warm most of the time, warm in winter, cool in summer, I jut love the weather in LA .. really, it’s the only thing I like about it :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Hey... I love that dress :) so girlie ...
You need to stay in touch with your girlie side with 3 boys in the house ... the force is strong with them :)

Abu 7amarneh said...

Sob7an Allah!

I wish I can have winter! the otherday it rained for like 15 minutes in Dubai,, every one was happy and the press went crazy about it next morning and it all over the news on TV. lol

Sam said...

mqabbani..u come live in canada for one winter,and we'll see how much u will love it:)

mr alramahi...yeh i love buying new clothes for each season..but u wear winter clothes for so long...u get so sick of them!:)

maioush, u r so lucky...i want to move to california!

qwaider..there is not fear of me becoming a just too girly..and i hope i get a girl one day..but if she is not a girly girl..u know not wanting to wear dresses and let me do her hair..then i'd rather have a boy:)

abu 7amarneh..that is funny about the rain..if it does not rain for more than a week here it becomes rains so much in canada..o and the not remind of the so sick of it!