Monday, April 16, 2007

so pathetic!

Well I guess Quebec, Canada is slowly becoming a second France regarding the hijjab, I’ll give it few years and Muslims will not be allowed to wear hijjab in school and other places, hopefully the rest of Canada will not adopt this silliness. This is so sad and pathetic!!! Seriously who makes these stupid rules! Safety aal!! Yroo7o ywalo…3an jad toz feehom...I feel bad for these kids!! Finally a smart ass found a reason to justify their banning of hijjab, o lets blame it on saftey. pesssshhhhhhhhhhhh..on them!

I feel very sad because we practised so hard," 11-year-old Bissan Mansour, who wears a hijab, told The Canadian Press on Sunday. "We pulled out for a useless reason."
The team has been practicing the Korean martial art for three years, and some members have won medals in competition. The team said on Sunday the hijabs -- which five of its six team members wear underneath their helmets -- have never been a problem until now.

Right before the competition in Longueuil, the team said a referee told them to either remove their hijabs or leave the tournament.

"In the past few years we used to compete, and there was no problem," team coach Medhi Sbeiti told CTV Montreal. "What's the problem this year?"
International referee Stephane Menard said on Sunday that the decision was made for safety reasons, and that it came out of a referees' meeting in Longueuil earlier in the day.

Menard told CP that the hijab isn't included under the equipment allowed under World Tae Kwon Do Federation rules.
"We applied the rules to the letter," he said.
The feat is that part of the hijab could come loose during a about. Taekwondo involves kicks and throws.
The team is made up of six girls between eight and 12 years old, and is affiliated with a Muslim community centre in Montreal.
Team member Batoul Atwi told CTV Montreal that she was angry and disappointed after she and her teammates were sidelined at the Raymond Mourad tournament.
Tournament founder Raymond Mourad said he wanted officials to let the Muslim girls compete this time, but his pleas were ignored.

"They should have let them fight," Mourad told CTV Montreal. The girls withdrew following the decision. A boys team from the same centre also withdrew. The $35 tournament fee each member paid was reimbursed.
Tournament founder Raymond Mourad wanted the officials to let them compete, but he couldn't sway them.
"The kids who came today, we could have let them compete and warned them for next time," Mourad said.

Other controversies
Sunday's incident marks the second time in recent months the hijab has been the centre of controversy at an amateur sporting event in Quebec involving pre-teens.
In February, an 11-year-old Muslim girl from Ottawa was asked to remove her hijab at a soccer tournament in Laval, north of Montreal, due to safety concerns. She refused and her team pulled out of the tournament.
And a Montreal Muslim woman recently complained that she was forced to choose between her hijab and a job as a prison guard. Authorities also cited safety concerns in that case.

Debate over "reasonable accommodation" of racial, cultural and religious minorities surfaced several times during the Quebec election campaign.
It has become such a hot-button issue that Premier Jean Charest has former a committee to study it.


jasim said...

I guess Muslims are being hunt everywhere.. so sad..

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

this is really sad! They want to try to take away any "islamic" identity one might have for meaningless, illogical reasons.

7aki Fadi said...

Why haven’t I heard about this in the news? This makes me angry.

I personally do not indorse or like wearing the Hijab but this is a human’s rights violation. ABSURD is what it is.

who's-sane! said...

safety? what a silly excuse! 3an jad enhom ma byista7o! poor girl :(

nido said...

Really pathetic! But guess what, Jordan became like France a couple of years ago! I went through similar pathetic incidents back home, in Amman,,,several times! It's a shame when they try to proof themselves right, while being the stupidest ppl on eart!

Sam said...

Jasim & mr Al ramahiyeh it sad..7aram 3aleehom!

7aki fadi, yeh im not too crazy about hijjab, but i hate when muhajabat are targeted..their decision to cover should be respect and they should be left alone...

who-sane yeh what an exuse, 3an jad 3eeeb 3alehom!

nido, really? it is so much sader when u get treated like that in a muslim country...

*!~Faith~!* said...

Quebec is pretty much France's brother, but yea I wouldn't be suprised if the whole canada followed in its footsteps!! :@