Saturday, April 7, 2007

Damned procrastination!!!!!!

Seriously there has got to be a cure for this!!!! Maybe some pills one could take?? OR maybe, just maybe if I stopped checking things online when I should be doing my jobs, I may be able to get things done!! NAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, there has got to be a better solution, some pills sound good.

So taxes are due in about three weeks, and so far my progress so has been:
-Get the invoices box out of the closet
-Sort the receipts, throw out things we do not want to claim and put everything in labelled files
-Open last year’s excel sheets, save it as taxes 2006, erase last years numbers, and the sheets I will not be using this year.
-Bought quick tax for business and ink for my printer!

And then I have an assignment to do, everyone has handed in their assignment 3 and I am still researching assignment 2! Damn it!!! I have everything in my head, I even did the whole essay on To room nineteen what every paragraph will say while I was in bed last night, when I come to put it on word I get distracted by other stuff on the computer.

But it all has to wait right now because I have a chocolate bar to eat and nails to do, then some shopping and back home to find time to do my two current top priorities.

I hate tax time!!!


nido said...

Go take a pill!! hehehehe...tell me abt it! I do this awwal bi awwal...So when it's time, there's nothing much to be done:) but I know EXACTLY what you mean by saying " I get distracted by other stuffff on the comp." good luck anyways:D

Sam said...

Nido every year I say I will start my excel sheet in april and do everyone shwai shwai, but before I know it december is here and everything is just piled up:( awwl bi awal is always what I plan on doing, but it just does not happen...