Sunday, April 22, 2007

Off to Amman we go, to Amman we go, maybe?

This morning I was having a weird dream, I did some shopping, and other stuff and then I look over and I see a blazing fire in an unfinished basement. Not sure where, I am just hoping it is not my beautiful house in Toronto. Before I could find out where I was, I wake up to hubby talking to his sister on the phone. It was 4:00 am Saskatoon time what was he doing up so early? Damn, I wanted to go back to sleep and finish my dream, it was a nice dream, except for the unknown blazing fire, ok maybe it was a good thing I woke up, I hate fires.

So now we have found a place to live in Amman. It is not in the same building my mother in law lives in, but in the building hubby’s sisters live in. That is actually better, because then I can be without a car for a while. Did I mention how much I am prettified of driving in Amman? No stop signs, dowars, very little parking, uggh the list goes on and on…did I mention the crazy drivers and the so much honking and the no where to park?

This building is so much nicer and more mratab and I like the area better, and it is not off a main street. It is close to Amman mall, and there is lots of shopping close by. And did I mention that I could get rides from my sister in law and her kids when I need to so I might not have to drive in Amman, yeah OK I know I mentioned that, but it is worth mentioning again. I do not mind taking a taxi, they are so freak in cheap, and I will not have to drive or park in Amman.OK fine I do hate taking taxis and I love my car, I loooooooooooooooove my car, yes I really really do love my car, a big mwaaaaaaaaaah and a hug to my baby. But I love my car in Canada, where driving is actually a peaceful relaxing experience. When I need to relax I hop in my car and drive for hours, I love driving on the highway when it is not busy especially on nice summer days; hubby and I have our best conversations while driving, this is why we love road trips.

Seriously though is it possible to live in Amman without driving?? I am having nightmares about this! I do not want to drive in Amman!! But I cannot live without a car! I love the freedom of just hopping in the car and going wherever you want. And really I could be there for three to six months max, I very much doubt that we will be able to stay for the whole year. Not that I will not like living in Amman, I am sure I am going to love it. BUT, there is no way hubby will be able to tolerate us being so far more than that. So it will not be worth it to buy a car, for that little time.

So yay, I guess we are going to live in Amman, maybe! And damn it, I do not want to go there fat, so I gotta hussle up and lose those stupid winter 10lb, wish me luck!


Qwaider قويدر said...

You're returning for good khalas? I didn't get to come and check out saskatoon yet!! :D

Yalla .. mabrook!
Why do I have the feeling that you love your car more than the poor hubby?

Maioush said...

Yee Sam… driving in amman is a nightmare, I remember my driving experience over there.. two accidents in one year.. I got hit BOTH times, some stupid taxi driver hit me 3ala el esharah at jam3a street :S and the second time, some freaking teenage kid hit me from the back after stealing his dad’s car!!! My god I hate driving there.
Yeah it will take you a while to get used to it over there, just be careful and inshalla it will be fine…
And about those 10lb.. good luck my dear :) .. go Sam go. I know you can do it.. I lost 19 in 3 months… I’m sure you can do it.. keep us up to date about it and I’ll keep working as a cheer leader for you LOOOOOOOOL :D

Sam said... just going so my son can learn arabic and so hubby can stop whinning! bas! and only for 3mo to 1yr..and then i can come back home to canada live in toronto and be happy without hubby's weekly whine about moving to jordan:) hmmmm a tough choice hubby or my car..dah of course i love hubby more..exept sometimes when he is annoying then my car takes first place..:)

maioush yeh 3an jad im considering not driving..i keep on picturing myself sitting in the car yelling and losing my voice..and thank u for cheering me on...iam going to buy new clothes today in my last summer size so i will be forced to lose the weight..or not go out at all...since i wont have anything to wear..all my clothes from last summer are 4/6 and now the 6's are barley fitting...i really hate winter! especially this winter..good for u for losing so how did u do it?

Summer said...

Inshallah Bissalameh!! I am sure you would want to drive there for at least once,,,just for the sake of trying it, and you might even do not mind driving there!
best of luck in your diet!

nido said...

Good Luck!! You seem to be more excited about it now:) I'm sure you'll have great time, and I think you don't need to drive there! Unless you really want to try it! but, if you rely on taxis, or sisters-in-law, it wont be a problem at all:) il takasi m3abyeen il balad:) Oh, and good luck with your diet:D

nido said...
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kinzi said...

Heh-heh, Sam, driving is my BEST revenge!! Being behind the wheel is my the great gender equalizer. AND,I can make everyone behind me obey the rules!! HAH! I love it!

Not really, and not in summer, but I think you are better off in a taxi. Hey, we are not far from Amman Mall. :)

Sam said...

summer, i dont not going to think about it because it gives me anxiety...i might end up liking the challenge:)

nido yeh and the taxis are so ya balash in amman..i felt bad giving the guy nos lira...eesh had, it is cheaper than a chocolate bar:) thank u:)

Kinzi hey we'll be neighbours almost...:) that is cool..yeh im definatly not even going to attempt driving inn amman in the is too crazy!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

yaaaaaaay! great.. its not that big problem in driving unless its summer and everybody comes from abroad :s .. y3ne akeed majaneen el nas bel swa2a, bas i gues u can manage bel akher.. taxis are almost always available but they are VERY annoying.. im gonna live somewhere beside mecca mall too :)

Good Luck!

Sam said...

mr al ramahi i know taxis are ok, bas during rush hour they are very annoying! :)