Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Reverse Psychology

OMG I am sooooooooooo stupid!! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?? I would have saved myself so much whining, and fighting!

For the past two years all I have been saying is how we will be moving to Jordan, and dumbo little old me was fighting it all the way.
Now that I have finally said sure I will go, and I am preparing myself, I have already spent $500 on clothes since yesterday! And now hubby is kind of backing off the idea. There is no way he will be able to stand us being so far away, especially in a country where safety is not a #1, and everything is very different than what the kids and I are used to.

Two years ago in march my husband decided to finally accept an offer in Edmonton and try it out. The kids and I stayed in Toronto. We went to Edmonton in mid April and stayed with my husband for three weeks then came back home in Milton. He came to Toronto every for 2-3 days every 2 weeks or so, we went back to Edmonton in July and stayed for three weeks. In august he accepted an offer in Saskatoon and moved here. By then he was going crazy without us, and whining about how this is no life, blah blah blah and finally I agreed to move to Saskatoon, which both the kids and I hate!

So imagine how much harder it will if we do move to Amman. In Toronto he knew I was used to the area, everything was accessible to us, my family was a 30min drive away, and I could drive without having to deal with too many bad drivers who do not always follow the rules. But with all that he was always worried about us. If we are in Amman he will not be able to come visit too many times, other than the cost, it is a very tiring trip. He complained to no end about the flight from Edmonton to Toronto for god’s sake and it was a 4 hr flight!

See if I said on Saturday morning, no way I will not go to Amman like I always do, we would have been fighting about it until today. So now I am not the one holding us back from fulfilling his dreams on living in Jordan :)

To me I would love for nothing more than to go back to my house in Toronto where I am near my family and friends. I hate apartment living so much, and I was hoping to never do it again. I miss my back yard, my brand new appliances, and my almost brand new house. I want to go plant some flowers some pushes in my garden, although I have the brownest thumbs ever so I will probably end up hiring someone to do it.

You never know, where we will be next year. In Toronto or Amman, I am not cancelling my son’s preschool registration. I even registered my older son for camp this summer in Milton, and he is looking forward to it. My son has been so looking forward to going to Canada’s wonderland, the kids are finally old enough to go.

We’ll see, I guess it will be fun if we do move to Amman. To live with Arabs, it will be a nice experience, something I have always longed for. My only concern is driving. I do not even know how to parallel park! I learned how to do it in driving school, didn’t do it on my exam because it was February and the sides of streets full of snow banks. And ever since I never really needed to parallel park. Parking is plentiful in Canada that I have hardly ever had to Street Park.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Listen to me, cut your husband some slack. 7aram, he loves you and the kids and can't live without you.
Be the apple of his eyes, allow him to feel safe with you ... give him what he needs the most. The best woman on the planet. Yes, that happens to conveniently be YOU

Who's-sane! said...

well good luck in any step you take Sam.