Tuesday, September 25, 2007

remembering friends

When I was in grade 12...o so long ago...there were two older students in my class, a mother and son combo. When I first saw them I though, ewww what are these old people doing in high school, stay away from me please! When I got to know them I realized how nice and sweet they were it would have been a pity if my initial feelings towards them did not change. They were very dedicated to their studies. At first no one wanted to work with them, we were all too cool for them... but eventually they were the most sought after partners. They were both bright and hard working so they were always acing the projects. They both graduated with proficiency standing!

The older I get the more I admire their courage for going back to school to better themselves and getting better careers and improving their lives. I am sure it took a lot of guts to take this step.

The son... I can not remember his name now...was in his mid 40’s, married with two or three kids. Evelyn, the mother, was in her 60’s but had the spirit of a twenty year old.

I was thinking about them the other day, I wonder what they are up to. Did they go on to college or was it just the high school diploma they wanted. I wish I have my year book, who knows maybe they are on facebook... everyone else is on it...except for my exish best friend...annoying Shazia...get on to the 21st centrury and join for god’s sake!


tinkerbella said...

Wow, thats so inspiring. You really have to have so much respect for people like that, it really is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams!
And as for finding them on facebook... LOL. I know how you feel!!! Since registering there (altho I barely use it), 4 people from my old high school have found me yet I have not found any of the people I wanted to find. UGH! Oh well, facebook will get to everyone eventually eh :P

Asoom said...

That is soooooo admirable, I think it's the cutuest thing when adults go back to school like that, try looking them up! yea everyone is on facebook except for my best friend as well!