Tuesday, September 18, 2007

some blah blah , and blogger meeting

Five days down ....25 more to go...or maybe 24??

Now that I am used to fasting it is actually ok and maybe just maybe I will be able to lose some weight...I am not asking for much just five pounds to start me off and after Ramadan I will join a gym inshallah and lose those annoying 10lb once and for all...yes I know I have been talking about those 10lb since I started blogging...yes I have not lost them...stop shaking your head...I lost my will power , it is those stupid chocolate and mansafs and the no gym thing..Although I did go for a walk in the morning once since I came to Amman! But then Ramadan came! I can stop blaming Tim Horton’s on my lack of weight loss..Mmmm speaking of Timmy’s I can defiantly use a nice medium double double and a nice whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese! Ok ok...stop thinking of food; it is only 7:30 am...bas 3an jad I can definitely use a cup of coffee just about now!

The reason I came to blog this morning so I can tell you guys about meeting some bloggers last night. It is always fun to meet bloggers! This is another reason I like it here! There are few other people I would love to meet here.

So last night sweet Kinzi picked me up after the kids went to sleep...ok my curious Zozo got up to see who rang the bell. We sat and chit chatted until he fell asleep! May I say again how much I hate fire works!

We went to Salam’s house, which is gorgeous btw and looks like a picture in a magazine...good job Salam! We found mama bean already there, it is always nice to see mama bean she is a sweetie! A bit later Hayat came; she is super cute and funny! We talked, ate yummy cheesecake and chocolate cake...and had American coffee, which I have been missing! Note to self...buy a coffee maker...Thank you Salam, everything was delicious and it was fun meeting you all...

It was a fun night! I like blogger meetings! When we were leaving Kinzi, mama bean and I went into the elevator. We started complaining about how slow the elevator is! Five minutes (ok maybe less) later we realized that we forgot to press the button to go down...OOPS!

Mr. El3atal was waiting for mama bean downstairs so I got to put a face to the blog! He looks exactly like the picture on his blog...he did not know me since he does not read my blog, but I always read his so it was nice for me to put a face to the blog writer.


salam said...

Thanks for showing up Sam, and for your nice words. It was nice meeting you, and getting together with the rest of the girls..we should do this more often..and you are welcome any time.

Qabbani said...

Hmm , nice to hear this how did u find them :D , i mean reflect there blogs or not ;)

yala Gald u had fun meet them .. :)

it's same feel here , every time i met Bloggers i feel cool :D

Life said...

It was my pleasure to meet you too Sam.. thanks for your sweetness :)
Like salam said.. I like those meetings.. and yes.. we should do more of them.. no harm of some girls only meetings every now and then too :)

kinzi said...

Sam, it was so fun! I loved that blonde moment in the elevator, lol!

Magazine-y, your new word :)

Salam, thanks again for hosting us in your lovely home!

Oriental Arabesque said...

yaay how nice i envy u ladies :)....and yummmy 3al cheese cake and chocolate cake (i'm so hungry today)

glad u enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...

HOW cute!.. I envy too, mashAllah mashAllah lol.. Glad you ladies enjoyed it.

Mnoosh said...

It's nice to meet bloggers :)

ramad'an kareem :) thx for commenting on my blog (F)

MommaBean said...

Great to see you again... Who's the sweetie? Clearly you are. Oh,a nd I would like to take credit for figuring out that we never pushed the button. And, in doing so, I'll fess up to the fact that it isn't the first (or second) time I've had that happen :). Conversation is just too interesting!