Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do not even think about it

Yesterday Ziad and I went to visit my mother in law at the hospital...she is doing great the way and is home now...thank you for all your prayers!!

We were sitting beside the nursery and Zozo made me go look at the babies!! They were sooo tiny and so cute and I got baby fever for a while. I wanted one of those tiny babies. My mother in law thinks we should definatly have a third baby, go for a girl this time. Like we have a choice.

When we got home my stomach did not feel right...i felt blah...I could not even eat mskhan (yuck!) at iftar it made me want to puke, so I just stuck to salad. When I went home I intended to put the boys to sleep and go down to argeel with the gang...but my stomach could not handle it anymore ...I hate hate hate hate hate throwing up!

I guess I caught a stomach virus, and so did Ziad...we did not have a fun night! Ziad was feeling all better by morning...but I was not. I’m so tired, my stomach is feeling blah and I have no appetite at all. All I can eat is fruit and drink juice. If someone was to give me a Ferrero Roches right now I would not even touch it. And me saying no to chocolate especially a Ferrero Roshes is big!

It brought back those first six wks of my pregnancy . I guess it is a sign not to have anymore babies. Remembering that awful all day sickness, no puking, just feeling nauseous all day long and the water aversion. Who the heck gets aversion to water...yes I know I’m weird! All this and I still gain 34lb! Well I guess I do make it up once the 12th week is over and I’m back to my old self. I do blame Tim Hortin’s for at least 15lb!

So I guess this was a wake up call. Do not even think about getting pregnant again. This stomach virus feels exactly the same as those awful pregnancy weeks felt, right down to the water aversion thing. The thought of drinking water makes me sick. If hubby was not away I’d think I was pregnant! I hope I feel better tomorrow. My house is so messy! I need a maid!


kinzi said...

Salamtik, ya Sam!! I'm not sure it is a sign from God not to have anymore, maybe it is preparation!! :D (ok, teasing!)

I visited as newborn in the hospital today, didn't have one maternal stirring. Must be menopause.

Summer said...

Hope you feel better!
as for babies, i know it is awful the first few weeks, but at the end of nine months you will have a miracle!! two kids is a blessing to have but too little, three is a good number, four maybe you are going a little bit overboard!

Anonymous said...

Salamtek Sam.. but I think a third would be wonderful! :D It would be so nice to try having a girl, girl clothes are so much more fun to shop for! wo they're more 7anayen as they grow. Did i convince you shway? lol

Deemco said...

Salamtik! I hope u feel better soon inshallah. And I agree that having a girl would be so nice! Think about it :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Salamtik Sam, ma tshoofi shar abadan

As for the babies, just leave it to god, you need them in the right time. And not before or after :)
I used to hear from older women that if the woman really wanted to have a baby, she doesn't go through morning sickness at all!

Again, Salamtek .. and salamet the little one too

Jundi said...

salamat :-)

Qabbani said...

OH Salamt o matshofe sahr ,:)

drin k something hot , herb and keep ur stomach warm

i had mas5an today , and i really feel sick too O_o ,

even al 7amdollaeh i have an iron stomach bs this msa5an catch me

Salamt :) take care

Asoom said...

awww salamtik, and I'm happy to hear things are better with your mother in law!

Omar said...

hope you feel better now..
Quite frankly I don't know why women have even one baby. Child birth just doesn't seem all that fun, and neither does not getting any sleep for at least a year..

I guess that's why we have mother's day

Sam said...

kinzi...thank you:) yeh u think so eh? well lets hope not:) we will be very careful:)

summer thanks...well after my 2 monsters (kinzi got to see she knows) i think 2 is too many:)

batoul and deemco..that is what i thought..buying girls cloths is so so much..bas i would be broke ...they are so hard to resist :)

Q ziad was an accident...and i had all sickness..and for 2 months with i was dying to get pregnant and still got the same thing:( so i guess that is not true:) thank u for comenting..u have not been on my blog for a while:)

jundi thanks:)

qabbani..yeh i read about the mskhan on your blog..yuck! that would have killed me...

asoom..thank you:) is actually fun being pregnant...once u get past the nausea and stuff...u get lot of attention..u can leave work when u want to on account of being too tired..u get to wear cute maternity clothes and feel a little kick here and there...but i do agree with u on the no sleep..except for me my babies sleep great after 6wks ...but they do go through stages where they do not want to sleep..and those are not fun!

salam said...

salamtitkom Sam!! mbare7 i had a wide shirt on, you know these wide at the tummy ones and everyone was asking if I was's depressing:)

Oriental Arabesque said...

salmtek..hope u'll feel better very soon...just keep on eating light things for the 2 or 3 coming days..soups are good and they relax ur sotmach

take care :)

Anonymous said...

salamtek.. We are bound to have some type of stomach virus whenever we travel not sure if it is the water or the food along with the hot weather..
I hope you are feeling better..:)