Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Ramadan so far

I keep on wanting to go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water and then oops I remember I am fasting! We are going to my sister in law’s place for iftar so I do not have to cook! YIPPY!

Zozo tried to fast...he woke up wanting breakfast! He never wants to eat breakfast! Then after he was done he decided he will fast for the rest of the day, and then he ate cookies at school and decided to fast until the next good thing he finds...He came home hungry, so he ate ...yup you guessed...eggs! He then fasted until we went out to buy some stuff and wanted M&M’s so he ate the M&M’s and went back to fasting! I guess it is a start! We have a long way to go!

Today after I got up I wanted coffee so bad! So I went back to bed after the kids left planning to nap for 30min...I did not wakeup until 11:30! And at 11:35 I got a call from etasalat that they are coming in five minutes to hook up my land phone..oops! So I dressed super quick, put a tiny bit of makeup so I would not look like a zombie and pulled my hair back! I am so tired I did not do anything else with my appearance...

The kids and I went shopping across the street...i love where I live btw. There are so many stores that are just a small walk away... then if I want more I just have to walk a little bit more and get on the gardens and it is a shopping haven there..Ok so back to my vent...

O yeh in case you did not realize I am about to vent about two things. The first thing while we were happily shopping, Ziad being annoying because he wants to buy more treats and I am msatle from lack of coffee...I was waiting for the meat shop to be empty since was full and this guy walked right beside me going into the meat shop and says “allho ini sayem”...then 2 seconds later he comes out walked beside me and says “allho in sayem”...he does this 3 freaking times! Why the heck did he do that?? I was not dressed in any revealing clothes...just a pair of capris and a black t-shirt...nothing too tight and I looked awful like I said earlier ...I so wanted to smack him the third time he walked around and just left and did not buy the meat I wanted...I do not get it, why did he do that??

Then we went to buy some fruits and veggies... there was an older ladies selling small framed ayat...of course Zozo had to go chitchat with her...this kid is so annoying...i bought 2 of those pictures for 2 JD, then she started begging me for more money! I told her if I get any change from the store I would give it to her, but I came out with a five and a ten. She then started saying how I promised her to give her money and following me begging me to give her more money! So she got me into giving her a 5JD. I’m thinking ok great it is a zakaa so it is ok, but for the whole month I am going to be running into people like that...I think I should get hubby to send me more money! Sa7? So how do I stop people like that from badgering me...that Ziad went and spoke to her in English so she tem3at feena... he is staying next time!


Qabbani said...

nice day :)

well about Zozo she will make it some how , oh any of near relative had children in her age? u can say they fast better than u , or if u made it for noon i will give u a gift or buy something nice for u , this way is much better than let her choose , what when ever eat or fast :) i did that with my lil sis and its 100% success ,

about the guy , ignore him there's many stupid out there ..

and the last part , the only way is to be tough ignore and don't talk , or keep say " allah yesr lk , or Allah ye3teki "

just be tough , if get a lot badgering say it loud " O ba3deeen , Oltelk 5alas eah" Or En "i will call police if u didt go :D"
so she might start 2tbarber 3aleki , just ignore , and tell Zozo not talk to them

cuz so far if u met less than 5 per day in Ramadan ur lucky , moreover be ready for the DOOR ppl , they ring ur bill in morning and ask for something , show u paper that her mom die or in hospital , not all of them honest even if they look like

any way what ever u pay , Allah give u 3ala neetk , just try to make sure to give it to someone Really in need

dont show ur money in front of any , even a JD
dont promise
and keep ur eyebrow crossed in there faces :D this help too

nido said...

It's really nice that you don't have to ook for your iftar! neyyalik :( I miss mama's cooking!
Ramadan mubarak ou kol saneh ou into salmeeen:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! The girls on BabyCenter has a thread to wish you a happy Ramadan (is that right, do we wish you a happy one??). Anyway, love your blog and hope to see you soon on Nov 2001 board.
:) Keeley&RonanMom

tinkerbella said...

LOL..ur son is so cute, reminds of me my lil bro in ramadan...he would promise to fast until he found something to eat, then whine that God wants him to eat it, thats why He put it there! LOL
as for the guy, I'm sure you've realized there are alot of sleazeballs in Jordan, so just ignore 'em. Next time tell him... ghod el basar ya akhi o 7el 3anni!!
Thats the only way to deal with these im-pretending-to-be-a-sheikh-but-im-actually-a-prev sleazeballs that roam around JO.

and qbanni is right about the beggars, they will always etma3,so give em a JD if you've got it and tell em Allah ya3teeki and just ignore them.

Maher said...

Alahoma ene sayem!! LOOOOOL!

Jundi said...

yabaye mazna5o :/

about the old lady .. akeed btiksabi ajir bas word of advice if you really wanna help out the needy donate to a good charity .. most of these ppl on the street are frauds.

Jundi said...

lol i remember when i was in beirut .. i was always being approached by ppl askin for money .. i always said sorry mish 7amil ma3i masari .. or the ones who want to stop and talk to you to tell you they are sick or they need cabfare or they wanna tell u about their cause i would tell them sorry mista3jil 3indi saf :D

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Zizo is the best :-) I like his way of fasting :-)

The guy behavior is very annoying and strange .. the best thing you can do is ignore such things .. nasee7a akhawyeh :-)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

looooooooool.. the best thing is being invited :) i love that part in Ramadan.. and BTW beggars never stop..

Hamza said...

walla qabbani said it all.

But some of the beggers are really annoying. A lady once apporoached me for money. I gave her some. then she asked for the full amount of 180 SAR (equivalent to 35 JD) because her son is treated with cancer. I told her I don't have but she kept chasing me to my car. I couldn't close my car door in case I could injure her or close on her hands.

She was really annoying.