Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadan Mubarak!!

Yay it is my first Ramadan in an Arabic country...I am so exited!!

Anything I should know about Ramadan here...I do not want to have someone yell at me for not wearing the hijjab during Ramadan...:o)

Zozo said he will fast until noon prayer....but he is so worried that he will be so hungry, what he can do then....

I remember what a horrible time my brother had fasting until 12pm on weekends...ya3ni he just missed breakfast, but he drove us crazy! He kept on asking if it is 12pm yet, and we would answer no it is only 8am,8:15,9:00,9:05...by 10am we wanted to shove food down his throat so he would leave us alone!

OMG hubby is the worst in Ramadan though! Since he is a smoker, each Ramadan we come to the verge of divorce!:) He is so annoying, rude, mean, and so blah, did I mention annoying! He wakes up for suhor, but he does not eat, just smokes and drinks coffee...if he misses his suhor he is even worse! He goes to work early and comes home at 3-4pm and just sleeps until iftar. He starts his iftar with...yup you guessed it! A cup of coffee and a cigarette! SMOKERS!!

Poor guy, he will be all alone this Ramadan! I am sure he will get invited to iftar by our friends, but still, it is not the same! But he will be here the last week of Ramadan so it is not too badJ


nido said...

Ramadan Mubarak:D
I can imagine how excited you are about this! As for me it's another Ramadan for me here, and hope it's gonna be better than the previous one:)

Summer said...

Ramadan Kareem 3alaikum wi 3alaina..enjoy it!

Qabbani said...

Ramadan kareem :)

o about ur Hubby , allah ye3eno really

Deemco said...

Ramadan kareem! And no you don't have to wear the hijab during Ramadan. It's going to be a great experiance inshallah. Hope you enjoy it :)

Maioush said...

Ramadan Mubarak Sam :) this willbe a great Ramadan for u inshalla...
kol 3am o enti b 5ear :)

Anonymous said...

Sam, its going to be so nice for you. You're gonna love ajwa2 Ramadan in Amman! About Ziad, thats so cute, my mom did that with me when I was little lol. And for your husband, I really respect him. I hear a lot of smokers giving up on Ramadan due to thier addiction, its really sad.
Yn3ad 3laike wo 3ala a7ab il nas ilek bl sa7a wil salameh ya rab :)

tinkerbella said...

Ramadan Mubarak..wow, I can't believe this is your first Ramadan in an Arab country!!
Thats awesome.. you never really experience Ramadan till you experience it in an Arab country. Its the ONLY time of the year when I truly miss being in Jordan!
Hope you enjoy it.. and thats cute the way your son is thinking :) Men and their stomachs LOL

Omar said...

kul sineh ou inte salmeh..
Soak in the atmosphere in Amman. Nothing beats ramadan in an Arab country

kinzi said...

Sam, God bless you this Ramadan at home! So fun to think you get to experience it with the majority!

About smoking, it would seem that any substance that can so negatively affect the personality should be left behind completely, not just at Ramadan. Imagine all the trips you could take with the money saved!!

secratea said...

Sam, Ramadan Kareeeem ;). Believe me Ramadan's in Jordan are better than in Canada and America, with the 2atayef and the whole social atmosphere.. As for me, this will be my third away from home... sigh.. I wish i was in Jordan at this time of the year :(

Na3ouri said...

كل عام و انتي و الجميع بألف خير
ان شاء الله انك بتنبسطي بأول رمضان الك بالوطن العربي :)

redrose said...

You will enjoy it here..I am sure.

Have a gr8 ramadan for u and you family Sam.

Anonymous said...

!כתיבה וחתימה טובה לכל עם ישראל

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

RaMaDaN kArEeM :)

Maher said...

1st of all , Ramadan KareeM!
2nd one thing you must make sure not to miss in ramadan... BAB EL HARRA!
Mosalsal men el a'7er :P

btw, my father used to smoke so much, but when my mom went to Chicago, she came back to find out that he quit smoking. hope same thing happens to your husband :>

Anonymous said...

Ramadan has a different taste all together back home..Enjoy it..
It seems that your kids are adjusting well,which makes it easier on you..
Ramadan moubarak :)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Enjoy your first Ramadan in Amman .. I am doing my 7th in Montreal :-(

Ramadan Kareem

Do you speak Arabic?

Sam said...

nido..yeh it is hard without family..my first ramadan in saskatoon was depressing!

summer and qabbani..thank u:) ramadan mubarak to u too

deemco...welcome to my blog...i would hate to have to wear hijjab just for ramadan:)

maioush..i hope it will be inshallah:) thank u:)

Sam said...

batoul..thanks dear:) actually hubby was one of those people...he started fasting 4yrs ago:) dont tell him i said that though:)

tinkerbella...thank u..yeh i think it will be fun..so many 3azayem and stuff..we are about to go argelling..:)

omar..yeh i slight remember how it was in lebanon...but i was a kid..things r different when u r a grown up:) \

kinzi o i wish hubby would quit smoking..but he is so stubborn..i have given up on him! but i keep on praying...

secreta..i did not eat 2tayef today..now i want some! maybe tomorrow i'll get some for everyone..mama makes awsome 2tayef so i did not miss those much while living in toronto:)

na3ori..shoukran elak:)

amal :o)

maher what is bab elhara??? i wish hubby would surprise me and quit.but im not holding my breath

noura thanks..yes my kids are loving it here..even my we thought he is anti social son..became social here..:)

bos6ar gadeem...bas montreal is pretty good with arab stuff...i love montreal...there is the best manakeesh place there..bas yeh it is not the same as here...

yeh i speak arabic.:)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Montreal is one of the best places to live in in NA. I love it so much .. but i miss jordan too :-(

You are talking about Al-Tayb .. its just one block from my place :-)